image movie: 45 R.P.M.

45 R.P.M.

category: Moviesdirector:Dave Schultzruntime:91 minyear: 2008
genres: Drama
In the Autumn of 1960, a fluke atmospheric weather condition allows a young teenager, Parry Tender, to receive a radio broadcast from New York City. Nestled in the Northern town of Goose Lake, Saskatchewan, Parry believes the contest the New York radio D.J. is running may be his ticket out of town, and away from a life to which he feels he never belonged. When Debbie Baxter, a young girl from California, arrives in the town by way of her father's position with the military, Parry soon discovers love, loss, and the magic of rock and roll.
In the Autumn of 1960, a fluke atmospheric weather condition allows a young teenager, Parry Tender, to receive a radio broadcast from New York City. Nestled in the Northern town of Goose ... See full summary »

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45 R.P.M. (2008) Still of August Schellenberg and Jordan Gavaris in 45 R.P.M. (2008) Still of Jordan Gavaris in 45 R.P.M. (2008) 45 R.P.M. (2008)

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45 RPM trailer.

45 RPM trailer. This is one of the trailer for the new movie 45 RPM Staring Amanda Plummer August Schellenberg Kim Coates Micheal Madsen ...

45 RPM Trailer | Movie Trailer official

45 RPM Trailer | Movie Trailer official
This is the trailer for the film 45 rpm. buy it on dvd Don't own any of the right.

45RPM Teaser Trailer

45RPM Teaser Trailer
45 RPM is an independent feature that follows Charlie - a young city artist who seeks a connection between her work and her deceased father's music.

Luna - Dear Paulina 45RPM

Luna - Dear Paulina 45RPM
Ultra rare Luna 7" (1999) Limited edition of 500 copies A.Dear Paulina B.Seven-Eleven Also soundtrack of the movie "Thursday" ...

45 RPM Trailer

45 RPM Trailer
Buch und Regie: Dieter Pfeiler und Petra Nickel Österreich l 52 min l XDCam HD 16:9 Produzent: Kurt Langbein Kamera: Jochen Graf Schnitt: Harald Nestl.

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I've had the pleasure of viewing this film before it achieves what I can only hope will be a larger audience.It's hard to find a film about younger people that no only has a good cast, but a naturally awkward one. The stars of this film are neither especially pretty, nor very self-confident. Nor could they possibly be. Jordan Gavaris plays Parry, a boy who wants nothing more than to escape from his small northern Canadian town. His friend, Luke (Justine Banszky) wants to get away as well, but for different reasons. She'd be happy just to be anywhere else. They've been each other's only friends for quite some time, but things change when another girl comes to town. Debbie (MacKenzie Porter) catches Parry's eye, perhaps partially because she's the first girl to much notice him. At least, the first overtly feminine girl. But that's the basic set-up of the film. I'll leave the rest for you to discover on your own.Dave Schultz, the writer/director, doesn't put a lot of style into his work. That is, if style is taken to mean anything that detracts from normal realism. That's where the cinematographer falls a little short, however. I feel as if more could be done to improve the photographic appearance of the overall picture. But in a time when most films look less impressive, that's not a big complaint. The writing is stunning, and very human. The dialogue never surprises more than people themselves would.I can't say enough good things about the acting in "45 RPM". I picked up this film on a whim from my local library, and was more than pleasantly surprised at the great performances. Although there are several well-known faces (Michael Madsen, Kim Coates, August Schellenberg), who impressed me most was Justine Banszky. Her portrayal of Luke was truly wonderful. And with the thousands of films I've seen, that means something.Watch this, if you can find it.

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Parry Tender: What's it like Debbie? The world?

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