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A Perfect Ending

category: Moviesdirector:Nicole Connruntime:110 minyear: 2012
genres: Drama Romance
Rebecca has a very unusual secret, one that not even her best friends know about. The last person on earth she expects to reveal it to is a high priced escort named Paris. What starts as a comedy of errors ends up a uniquely erotic journey. Rebecca's unconventional efforts to find herself are raw, evocative, and often times humorous, but always very real, very human. Sometimes a perfect ending is not what you expect it to be.
Rebecca has a very unusual secret, one that not even her best friends know about. The last person on earth she expects to reveal it to is a high priced escort named Paris. What starts as a ... See full summary »

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A Perfect Ending (2012) A Perfect Ending (2012) A Perfect Ending (2012) A Perfect Ending (2012) A Perfect Ending (2012)

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A Perfect Ending Trailer

A Perfect Ending Trailer
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A Perfect Ending - Offizieller Trailer (HD)

A Perfect Ending - Offizieller Trailer (HD)
Nach ELENA UNDONE und CLAIRE OF THE MOON der neue Film von Star-Regisseurin Nicole Conn. ...


SOUL KISS FILMS presents NICOLE CONN'S "A PERFECT ENDING" OFFICIAL TRAILER. Nicole Conn's latest feature film starring Barbara Niven and Jessica ...

OML Exclusive - A Perfect Ending - Sneak Peek

OML Exclusive - A Perfect Ending - Sneak Peek
You can enjoy the entire feature film on OML+ A very early cut/sneak peek of Nicole Conn's feature film, "A Perfect Ending" ...

Jessica Clark in Nicole Conn's A Perfect Ending

Jessica Clark in Nicole Conn's A Perfect Ending
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Imagine you had a less than perfect sex life (go on, try)… in fact imagine you were living a life that felt completely devoid of passion. Now imagine you had some concerned friends who wanted to find a way to help – and did so by setting you up with a totally gorgeous, sexy, intelligent, young… hooker.What feelings might it provoke in you? Fear, horror, excitement, anxiety, shame, desire… would it give you a buzz – and would you go through with it? It's an extraordinary and intriguing question.. and it's the central theme in the new movie from writer and Director Nicole Conn. Has that piqued your interest….? It certainly did mine… and I can guarantee when you watch, it's a question that's going to get you all worked up.Rebecca is a middle aged, wealthy, but utterly repressed and depressed housewife (played outstandingly by actress Barbara Niven), who is dedicated to her coldly bombastic husband (the excellent John Heard) and her three now grown children. And she has a secret. Or maybe more than one. During a frank discussion with two close friends, she reveals something that they are horrified to hear about her sex life – and they are determined to help her resolve. They perceive that Rebecca's dilemma may be as a result of her straight and straightened relationship with her husband, so they decide to engage the personal services of a high class prostitute, reasoning that another female "is so much more familiar with the manual" and will be able to offer her some… release...Filled with trepidation but at the same time compelled, Rebecca agrees and turns up at the appointed time in a luxury hotel room to meet her… date. And so we are introduced to the delectable and sultry Paris (played superbly by British actress and model Jessica Clark in her first feature) who knocks on the door at the appointed time to meet her new customer. But though Paris would seem to have the looks and charm to melt even the frostiest of "clients", she hasn't reckoned with the more than just tight lipped, Rebecca.As the two dance around each other, their stories are revealed, told with humour and pathos, with honesty and compassion. A Perfect Ending is multi-layered and addresses significant and pervasive issues that seriously affect the lives of millions of women – it manages to be both hugely entertaining and thought provoking at the same time. And it's HOT. The leads have fantastic chemistry and the sex scenes, which are intimately revealing, require a level of brave vulnerability that most of us could never even consider, but which are an essential element in showcasing the beauty of imperfection, the poignant antithesis of the movie's title.Aside from the magnificently elegant performances of Niven and Clark, there are also some superb cameo roles, particularly from Morgan Fairchild as the tough and edgily funny Madam – with a peculiar obsession with Barbie dolls (the ones formed in plastic ) that she dresses up to resemble the characters of her "girls". Oh and the older, hardened hooker played with such wonderfully bitter but proud sarcasm by Rebecca Staab, who can't resist biting back when Rebecca rejects her with a judgemental driven tongue lashing… and then there's the funny, funny, funny British actress Mary Wells, who plays one of Rebecca's lesbian friends (we should all have one) with the Hollywood Madam in her contact list.It's a story of many twists and turns that will surprise you as the plot unfolds – and it so cleverly explores, both metaphorically and in starkly frank big screen physical presence, the issues that so unnecessarily blight our lives and often prevent us from fulfilling our potential and finding the pleasure that all of us deserve. I was privileged to watch the world premier of this movie at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco along with an audience of over 1400 whose appreciation was loudly and enthusiastically expressed throughout the film. If their – and my – reaction is anything to go by, it will make you laugh out loud, it might make you weep – and it will almost certainly make you think about it well after the movie itself has perfectly ended.You can catch it at a number of festivals across the States, including LA, Philadelphia, Tampa and Atlantic City in the next month, for more details of which, please visit the Soul Kiss Films website or check out their face-book page. You can also check out the Wolfe website and book mark it for news of the DVD release dates.You really should do so, I couldn't recommend it more highly.

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