image movie: An Extremely Goofy Movie

An Extremely Goofy Movie

category: Moviesdirector:Douglas McCarthyruntime:76 minyear: 2000
genres: Animation Comedy Family Sport
It's a big time in Max's life. He's college bound with his friends and finally free of his embarrassing father as he strives to be a top contender for the X-Games. Unfortunately, Goofy loses his job and learns that he cannot get another job without a college degree. To his son's mortification, Goofy decides to join him in his campus to get that degree. Desperate to distract his father, Max talks him into joining the competing Gamma Fraternity team and introduces him to a wonderful librarian who shares his nostalgic love for 1970's pastimes. Unfortunately, things do not go according to plan as events put this father-son relationship to the test.
Max goes to college, but to his embarassment his father loses his job and goes to his son's campus.

An Extremely Goofy Movie Videos

An Extremely Goofy Movie Trailer [2000]

An Extremely Goofy Movie Trailer [2000]

An Extremely Goofy Movie (2000) Trailer 2 (VHS Capture)

An Extremely Goofy Movie (2000) Trailer 2 (VHS Capture)
Trailer for An Extremely Goofy Movie (2000) captured from the Tarzan (1999) VHS tape.

Opening To An Extremely Goofy Movie 2000 VHS

Opening To An Extremely Goofy Movie 2000 VHS
Here Is The Opening To The 2000 VHS Of An Extremely Goofy Movie And Here Is The Order: 1. Green FBI Warning Screens (Late 90's Version) 2. Walt Disney ...

Episode 17: VHS Opening: An Extremely Goofy Movie UK (2000)

Episode 17: VHS Opening: An Extremely Goofy Movie UK (2000)
Here are the Titles From My 2000 UK VHS Opening of An Extremely Goofy Movie 1. Blue Warning Screen 2. Closed Captions Screen 3.Japanese Disney Videos ...

An Extremely Goofy Movie reviews

First off, ignore the comment made by wileyjp, just a couple down from me. Obviously, though he claims to be a "true Goofy fan," he is quite the opposite. True fans of Goofy will love Goofy in any form, and in any age. He praises the animated shorts that Goofy starred in since the 30's, and hates the idea that Goofy had a girlfriend and a son. Then he never saw the animated shorts where Goofy was married and had a son in the 50's shorts.Knowing that, the idea of Goofy being a father isn't far fetched. At least he had "a son" instead of nephews, which always puzzled me whenever cartoons were afraid to link any character to a jr version. Instead, we have Huey, Dewey and Louie with Uncle Donald, when it would have made more sense, (and may have been funnier), if he was their dad. I love that Goofy is a father, because he does have a strong sense of family about him, and you can see that Max is his whole world.The Goofy movies are a great modern story with the timeless Goofy. Though this movie isn't a great as the first, it has the same charm, and the same family connection that the first one conveyed. Anyone can enjoy this movie just as much as the first, and i recommend it to the True Goofy Fans out there.

An Extremely Goofy Movie quotes

Bobby: [looking at his hands] Did you ever wonder why we are always like wearing gloves?
P.J.: Hey! It's the leaning tower of Cheese-ah!
P.J.: It is endemic of our culture, that those of large stature are overlooked, except by vultures. With no regard for the depth of our feelings, the passion of our hearts, the beauty of our moments.
Goofy: [sadly] One day you're changing their diapers, the next they're leaving for college.
Goofy: [as Bobby drives the van away] Goin' already? What about breakfast? You need your three squares a day!

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