image movie: Between Two Women

Between Two Women

category: Moviesdirector:Willis Goldbeckruntime:83 minyear: 1945
genres: Drama
Red's still being chased by his rich society girlfriend, and while he's dodging her proposals of marriage, he takes the time to cure a nightclub singer of her inability to eat ("neuro-psychological self-starvation"), and to operate on the emergency switchboard operator, who's alarmed everybody by suddenly collapsing.
Red's still being chased by his rich society girlfriend, and while he's dodging her proposals of marriage, he takes the time to cure a nightclub singer of her inability to eat ("... See full summary »

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Between Two Women - Trailer

Between Two Women - Trailer
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TWO WOMEN by Vera Glagoleva (Russia, France, Latvia 2014; Period Drama) - Starring Ralph Fiennes (The Grand Budapest Hotel, Harry Potter, The English ...

Two Women Sophia Loren Jean-Paul Belmondo

Two Women Sophia Loren Jean-Paul Belmondo
Awards: Won Oscar. Another 5 wins & 3 nominations Cesira and her 13-year-old daughter, Rosetta, flee from the allied bombs in Rome during the second world ...

Classic Cinema - Sophia Loren Films: Two Women

Classic Cinema - Sophia Loren Films: Two Women
Two Women, La Ciocara, won Sophia Loren Best Actress in 1960. This award was the ifrst Oscar ever given to a "foreign-language" film. A tribute to the film ...

Between Two Women (1986) - Bridgette Andersen

Between Two Women (1986) - Bridgette Andersen
This story focuses on the changing relationship between two women, a mother and her daughter-in-law, over a 14 year span. The first is a domineering, self ...

Between Two Women reviews

Van Johnson moves up to top billing in the remnants of the Dr. Kildare series, but don't let that fool you: Lionel Barrymore continues to own every scene he's in and most of those he's not in. This is the next to last in the series, although how they sold it is up in the air: there's nothing to indicate it in the title, and a potential competing doctor is knocked off in the opening dialogue, although Keye Luke shows up as does series regular Alma Kruger as Nurse Molly Bird.Meanwhile, the fun in this series is looking at the talent on display before it became well known. Van Johnson is pursued by society girl Marilyn Maxwell, made up like Ava Gardner, and cures chanteuse Gloria de Haven by a quick psychoanalytic session before she became a bad girl in the movies. So much for miracle cures. Keenan Wynn shows up as a nightclub mc and that about covers the fun in this movie.

Between Two Women quotes

Nurse 'Nosey' Parker: Doctor, it's after one o'clock and you're having Miss Molly Byrd for lunch.
Nurse Molly Byrd: Don't you know that if you tell lies you'll never get to heaven?
Sally: I always knew men angels would have red hair.
Dr. Leonard B. Gillespie: I didn't know there were ten doctors as smart as I am.
Ruth Edley: Look, Red, I admit that girl isn't exactly repulsive. But anything she's good at I can do better, quicker, and cheaper.

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