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Death in Venice

category: Moviesdirector:Luchino Viscontiruntime:130 minyear: 1971
genres: Drama
In this adaptation of the Thomas Mann novel, avant-garde composer Gustave Aschenbach (loosely based on Gustav Mahler) travels to a Venetian seaside resort in search of repose after a period of artistic and personal stress. But he finds no peace there, for he soon develops a troubling attraction to an adolescent boy, Tadzio, on vacation with his family. The boy embodies an ideal of beauty that Aschenbach has long sought and he becomes infatuated. However, the onset of a deadly pestilence threatens them both physically and represents the corruption that compromises and threatens all ideals.
In this adaptation of the Thomas Mann novel, avant-garde composer Gustave Aschenbach (loosely based on Gustav Mahler) travels to a Venetian seaside resort in search of repose after a period... See full summary »

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Rerelease poster, A1 Death in Venice (1971) Death in Venice (1971) Death in Venice (1971) Death in Venice (1971)

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1971 Death in Venice - Trailer

1971 Death in Venice - Trailer
"Morte a Venezia" by Luchino Visconti.

Death In Venice (1971) Official Trailer - Luchino Visconti Drama Movie D

Death In Venice (1971) Official Trailer - Luchino Visconti Drama Movie D
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"Muerte en Venecia", de Benjamin Britten. Coproducción del Teatro Real y el Gran Teatre del Liceu de Barcelona. Director musical: Alejo Pérez. Director de ...

Death in Venice Trailer

Death in Venice Trailer
Benjamin Britten's Death in Venice is on stage at the Four Seasons Centre Oct. 16 to Nov. 6. Tickets are on sale at Images: Alan Oke as Gustav von ...

Death in Venice - Gärtnerplatztheater Trailer

Death in Venice - Gärtnerplatztheater Trailer
DEATH IN VENICE / TOD IN VENEDIG, Benjamin Britten, Staatstheater am Gärtnerplatz München Inszenierung: Immo Karaman, Juni 2009; Musikalische ...

Death in Venice reviews

"Slow", "slow", "slow"... I read many people complain "it's slow"... slow what? This movie takes its time. All the most beautiful things in life take time. When you make sex with your girlfriend would you try to make it last five minutes? No you would like to make it last the whole night. When you eat good food in a good restaurant would you like to finish it in two minutes? No, you sit down, enjoy the place, the food, the company and the wine. When you visit an art museum, would you rush through the rooms? No, you would move slowly, pay attention, and stop at the artworks that mean more to you. So why should a movie be different?If you want speed, then eat at McDonald's, rush in the tube, watch TV commercials, and pay a prostitute for a 5 minute work.If you are looking for real emotions, deep feelings and thoughts that will last in your memory and heart for a long time, then you don't want to miss this movie.One caveat: don't go watching it for the gay theme. This movie isn't about gay love, if you look at it through this point of view, it will let you down completely. This movie is symbolism from beginning to end, it does not speak of what you see. It speaks of the struggle of the artist to reach the beauty, so close, always unreachable, and, like another reader perfectly commented, so inevitably connected with death, because the only perfection that a living being can ever attain, is in the death. If you look at the movie from this point of view, it will show to you for what it is: a complete masterpiece, from beginning to end.

Death in Venice quotes

Alfred: Do you know what lies at the bottom of the mainstream? Mediocrity.
Gustav von Aschenbach: I remember we had one of these in my father's house. The aperture through which the sand runs is so tiny that... that first it seems as if the level in the upper glass never changes. To our eyes it appears that the sand runs out only... only at the end... and until it does, it's not worth thinking about... 'til the last moment... when there's no more time left to think about it.
Gustav von Aschenbach: You know sometimes I think that artists are rather like hunters aiming in the dark. They don't know what their target is, and they don't know if they've hit it. But you can't expect life to illuminate the target and steady your aim. The creation of beauty and purity is a spiritual act.
Alfred: Truth? Justice? Human dignity? What good are they?
Gustav von Aschenbach: You must never smile like that. You must never smile like that at anyone.

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