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Deep Valley

category: Moviesdirector:Jean Negulescoruntime:104 minyear: 1947
genres: Drama
Uneducated and poor, Libby lives a sheltered life in a broken down shack with her unloving parents. When a work crew of San Quentin convicts arrives to put in a new road, she takes an interest in Barry, a wild and uncontrollable young man. Despite the advances of upstanding engineer Jeff Barker, Libby opts for Barry and helps hide him when he escapes. However, with the posse hunting she can't hide him forever.
Uneducated and poor, Libby lives a sheltered life in a broken down shack with her unloving parents. When a work crew of San Quentin convicts arrives to put in a new road, she takes an ... See full summary »

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Dane Clark and Ida Lupino in Deep Valley (1947)

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Deep in the Valley Trailer

Deep in the Valley Trailer
Official Deep in the Valley movie trailer... Long Version.

Deep in the Valley (2009) - fetish trailer

Deep in the Valley (2009) - fetish trailer
Blanca Soto as Suzi Diablo in leather clothes.

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Deep In The Valley Full Movie
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Deep Valley Trailer

Deep Valley Trailer
Mogok. Mystery surrounds the name of this ancient village. Mystery and promises of the finest rubies in the world. Join us as we go on a insider's tour of this .

Deep Valley reviews

A down-trodden girl, a mutt dog, and a criminal fugitive on the run. Sounds a lot like 1941's High Sierra, even down to lead actress Ida Lupino. But it doesn't matter that these elements got recycled, because Deep Valley is a really watchable 90 minutes of Hollywood melodrama. Sure, it's hokey at times, especially the weepy ending that's squeezed for all its worth. But the movie is also a testimonial to the demandingly high standards of Hollywood studio production-- scope out the great farm house that almost looks like Katrina hit it, and the road project that looks so real, I expect it was. There's also the exquisite b&w photography from cameraman Ted Mc Cord, along with expert direction from studio ace Jean Negulesco. But most of all, it's the absolutely luminous performance from Lupino in the central role. Was there anyone ever better at playing soulful parts. Here, her stuttering, long-suffering farm girl whose only joy is her dog and the great outdoors, is enough to move the Rock of Gibraltar, and is surely Oscar-worthy. Speaking of the outdoors, it's also a measure of the film's underlying romanticism that the lovers seek refuge in the liberating openness of nature, and away from the blessings of civilization. For each has been brutalized by societal forces larger than themselves. Dane Clark is very good too, even if he never got past second fiddle to John Garfield-- then too, his strictly blue-collar personality was a poor fit for the upwardly mobile 1950's, and by that white-collar decade, he was gone. Anyhow, this super-slick film again demonstrates how wonderfully vital B-pictures of the studio era could be, and is well worth a look see.

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