image movie: La cruche cassée

La cruche cassée

category: Moviesdirector:Gustav Ucicky:Emil Janningsruntime:86 minyear: 1937
genres: Comedy
The blank verse does not work all that well in subtitles, but the film works even for those who don't understand German. The man who broke the jug, the judge, is trying a case who determine who broke the jug. Long before the evidence becomes conclusive against the suspects, it becomes apparent that the blustering and bullying - and naive - village judge is the guilty one.
The blank verse does not work all that well in subtitles, but the film works even for those who don't understand German. The man who broke the jug, the judge, is trying a case who determine... See full summary »

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La cruche cassée (1937) La cruche cassée (1937) La cruche cassée (1937)

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DER ZERBROCHNE KRUG · Lustspiel von Heinrich von Kleist · Inszenierung: Esther Hattenbach · Bühnenbild: Geelke Gaycken · Kostüme: Alice Nierentz ...

Der zerbrochne Krug - Trailer

Der zerbrochne Krug - Trailer
Regie Bastian Kraft Darsteller Sandra Flubacher Julian Greis Philipp Hochmair Karin Neuhäuser Axel Olsson Birte Schnöink Marina Wandruszka Tilo Werner ...

Der zerbrochne Krug

Der zerbrochne Krug
Der zerbrochne Krug« ist das wohl bekannteste Stück von Heinrich von Kleist. Mit Hilfe einer simplen Gerichtsverhandlung verweist der Dichter auf die ...


Inszenierung am DT Göttingen. 2012. Text: Heinrich von Kleist. Regie: Antje Thoms.

Der Zerbrochene Krug - Trailer

Der Zerbrochene Krug - Trailer
Trailer der Inszenierung von "Der Zerbrochene Krug" von Heinrich von Kleist. Ein Lustspiel von Die Theatermacher. Regie: Michael Jurgons Trailerproduktion: ...

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Kleists "Zerbrochener Krug" demonstrates that even "classical poets" have written plays that are devilishly funny and remain a joy to watch over hundreds of years. When we had to read it as students in a German high school, it was an exhilarating surprise among the usual fare. We even acted it out in class, with much giggling, even though we certainly did not reach Emil Janning's finesse of the movie, which was made well before our school years. His portrayal of the village judge Adam, ever so sly but not a bad guy, trying to extricate himself from the closing web of personal mishaps, and under the eye of a stern inspector to boot, gives the play its full due. The other actors are all very good too, with the one unfortunate exception of Lina Carstens - not a well-known actress - as Frau Marthe; she talks at a rapid-fire rate on the top of her voice, and is thus hard to understand in the old movie. Elisabeth Flickenschildt as Frau Brigitte shows how it's done right.

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