image movie: Disaster Movie (2008)

Disaster Movie (2008)

category: Moviesdirector:Jason Friedberg:Aaron Seltzerruntime:87 minyear: 2008
genres: Comedy
Will, Lisa, and two of their friends attempt to flee man-made and natural disasters and encounter Batman, Hancock, The Hulk, Indiana Jones, Hannah Montana, Michael Jackson, Beowulf, the Love Guru, Iron Man, rabid chipmunks amongst others in their seemingly vain efforts to seek help and shelter from unknown threats.
Over the course of one evening, an unsuspecting group of twenty-somethings find themselves bombarded by a series of natural disasters and catastrophic events.

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Still of Crista Flanagan, Gary 'G. Thang' Johnson, Matt Lanter and Kim Kardashian West in Disaster Movie (2008) Still of Nicole Parker in Disaster Movie (2008) Still of Crista Flanagan in Disaster Movie (2008) Still of Vanessa Lachey and Kim Kardashian West in Disaster Movie (2008) Still of Carmen Electra in Disaster Movie (2008)

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Disaster Movie Trailer 2008

Disaster Movie Trailer 2008
Overview Directors: Jason Friedberg Aaron Seltzer Writers: Jason Friedberg (screenplay) Aaron Seltzer (screenplay) Release Date: 29 August 2008 (USA) more ...

Disaster Movie Trailer

Disaster Movie Trailer DISASTER MOVIE Trailer In DISASTER MOVIE, the filmmaking team behind the hits "Scary ...

Disaster Movie (2008) - Trailer

Disaster Movie (2008) - Trailer

Disaster movie - tráiler español

Disaster movie - tráiler español
Disaster Movie cuenta las aventuras de un grupo de patéticos jóvenes que tratan de ponerse a salvo de las numerosas catástrofes que azotan la ciudad.

Disaster Movie -- Movie Review #JPMN

Disaster Movie -- Movie Review #JPMN
Disaster Movie (2008) -- Unmitigated disaster. Cringe worthy diarrhea, 1/10. SIGN UP for your free Netflix trial: SAVE $10 on ...

Disaster Movie (2008) reviews

*Disclaimer: I only watched this movie as a conditional agreement. And I see films for free. I wouldn't be caught dead giving my hard earned money to these idiots.Well, to explain the depth of this 'film', I could write my shortest review, ever. Don't see this movie. It is by far the stupidest, lamest, most lazy, and unbelievably UNFUNNY movie I have ever seen. It is a total disaster. But since my hatred for this movie, and the others like it, extends far beyond one viewing, I think I'll go on for a bit.I don't know any of the people in the movie besides Carmen Electra, Vanessa Minnillo, and Kim Kardashian, but it doesn't matter. They're all horrible, though I think that was the point. The editing is flat out horrible, and possibly blatant continuity errors make this crapfast even crappier than I thought it would be. Now I know that these films are not supposed to be serious at all, but come on, it's film-making 101 that if someone gets a minor facial cut, it should be there in the next shot. AND, if someone gets cut by a sword, there should be blood and at least a cut (though since the Narnia films "get away with it", I'll give Disaster Movie a pass here).The 'jokes' are thoughtless and mindless physical gags that obviously take after some of the most popular movies of the last year (there's some from late 2007 as well, including 2 of our 5 Best Picture nominees).You know what the saddest thing about these stupid movies are? I don't care how much money they make, or how many cameos they have, these sorry ass excuses for films are taking away jobs from actors, writers, and directors that truly deserve the attention. Lionsgate, I thought you had better taste than this. You should be ashamed of yourselves for making this kind of crap. And as for Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer? Burn in hell. You guys are contributing to the decline of western civilization. are the CAUSE of the downfall of western civilization.

Disaster Movie (2008) quotes

Batman: Hi.
Male Carrie: Oh, my God. Hannah Montana is really Miley Cyrus.
[Will dreams he is a Jumper. He jumps and is impaled by Prince Caspian's sword]
Kid: Hey, Hancock. Hancock? We need help. Wake up, you drunk motherfucker. Get your punk ass up, fly down there, and fix that shit.
[upon seeing a taxi cab turn a corner]

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