image movie: El mariachi

El mariachi

category: Moviesdirector:Robert Rodriguezruntime:81 minyear: 1992
genres: Action Crime Drama Thriller
El Mariachi just wants to play his guitar and carry on the family tradition. Unfortunately, the town he tries to find work in has another visitor...a killer who carries his guns in a guitar case. The drug lord and his henchmen mistake El Mariachi for the killer, Azul, and chase him around town trying to kill him and get his guitar case.
A traveling mariachi is mistaken for a murderous criminal and must hide from a gang bent on killing him.

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El Mariachi (Trailer)

El Mariachi (Trailer)
A traveling mariachi is mistaken for a murderous criminal and must hide from a gang bent on killing him. Carlos Gallardo - El Mariachi Consuelo Gomez ...

EL MARIACHI - Trailer ( 1992 )

EL MARIACHI - Trailer ( 1992 )
Trailer for Robert Rodriguez's film.

El Mariachi Trailer

El Mariachi Trailer
Trailer creado por David Vallado, para Vallado Production, especialmente de dicado a: -Guillaume Jully. -Jose Carlos Serrano. -M. Toni Pepió. -Pablo Blass.

Trailer El Mariachi, serie de Teleset y SONY @ArtistasCineyTV

Trailer El Mariachi, serie de Teleset y SONY @ArtistasCineyTV
El Mariachi es la nueva producción de Teleset y Sony Pictures Television para la cadena MundoFOX en Estados Unidos. El demo muestra a algunos actores ...

El Mariachi 2 - Desperado (HQ-Trailer-1995)

El Mariachi 2 - Desperado (HQ-Trailer-1995)
Hätten die Bewohner des zwielichtigen mexikanischen Grenzstädtchens gewusst, was da in der flirrenden Hitze des Sommertages in Gestalt eines ...

El mariachi reviews

'El Mariachi' should still be regarded as an inspiration to wanna be movie makers around the world. For around US$7,000 Robert Rodriguez created one of the most enjoyable action movies to hit Hollywood since Peckinpah's 'The Getaway'. Once again Rodriguez proves the point that creativity and imagination beat million dollar budgets every time. An obvious concept to most people one would think, but going by the overblown CGI infested crapola at a theatre near you something that mainstream Hollywood STILL doesn't get! Carlos Gallardo played El Mariachi and co-produced with Rodriguez who did just about everything else - writer, director, cinematographer, editor, special effects,etc.etc. I first saw this movie not long after it hit video and I enjoyed it a lot. I recently watched it on DVD for the first time, ten years after I first saw it, and to me it really stands up. (Rodriguez' commentary is also highly recommended to any aspiring director) Personally my favourite Rodriguez movie is 'From Dusk Til Dawn', but 'El Mariachi' comes a close second. It's sequel cum remake 'Desperado' is a better known to most people but despite a budget 1000 times bigger(!) and some "name" actors involved I don't think it has half the energy and fun of the original, one of the greatest low budget movies of the last twenty years.

El mariachi quotes

[last lines]
[first lines]
El Mariachi: [hitchhiking] That morning was just like any other. No love. No luck. No ride. Nothing changes.
Domino: [hands him his guitar and thrusts a knife into his bath water] Play it! Play something sweet! Play!

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