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Lemon Popsicle

category: Moviesdirector:Boaz Davidsonruntime:95 minyear: 1978
genres: Comedy Drama Romance
Bentzi, Momo, and Yuda'leh are three teenage boys growing up in 1950's Israel, which is not much different from 1950's America if you believe what you see in the film. Of course they are obsessed with one thing - sex. Bentzi is interested in the beautiful Nili, but she prefers his friend Momo. Meanwhile, while Bentzi is working delivering ice to people he comes across a voluptous nympho. For some reason he leaves his job and gets his friends, who are promptly invited inside and divested of their virginity in an explicit softcore sex scene. Momo goes first, then the obese Yuda'leh. Before Bentzi can have his turn the nypho's sailor boyfriend suddenly returns from the sea and chases the boys away, Yuda'leh being forced to run away naked. The boys next visit a prostitute and are serviced by her in turn, the experience causing Bentzi to vomit. With all this experience under his belt Momo seduces Nili and impregnates her. He disowns her when she makes this known to him, leaving it to ...
Bentzi, Momo, and Yuda'leh are three teenage boys growing up in 1950's Israel, which is not much different from 1950's America if you believe what you see in the film. Of course they are ... See full summary »

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Lemon Popsicle (1978) Lemon Popsicle (1978) Lemon Popsicle (1978)

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Lemon Popsicle - Paquera e Curtição - Eskimo Limon (Trailer)

Lemon Popsicle - Paquera e Curtição - Eskimo Limon (Trailer)
Comédia picante de Boaz Davidson. Filme conhecido no Brasil como Paquera e curtição, e em outros países por Lemon Popsicle ou Eskimo Limon.

Barquillo de Limon (1978) (MEX) - Lemon Popsicle (USA)

Barquillo de Limon (1978) (MEX) - Lemon Popsicle (USA)
Barquillo de Limon (1978) (MEX) Titulo original: Eskimo Limon Lemon Popsicle (USA) Escena clasica de esta pelicula, israelí, ya de "culto". Extraida del DVD ...

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Lemon Popsicle trailer
LEMON POPSICLE at Blue Sunshine! Friday, May 20th, 2011.

Lemon Popsicle reviews

Originally available in the UK on Hokushin Home Video (remember them??), this, the first of the Lemon Popsicle series, kind of showed what growing up in the 60s was really like (after the sanitised schmaltz of GREASE). Three horny teenage friends spend most of the film searching for love, sex, and parties, and they find all three in abundance. This film has a magnificent soundtrack of late 50s early 60s classics (which was released on blue vinyl in the UK) and some way over the top comic sequences which belie its non-mainstream production values; this film was made as a German-Israeli co productionby director Boaz Davidson. One of the stars, Zachi Noy, Huey (the overweight kid) has gone on to become a major star in his home country (even starring in a 9th instalment of the series released this year - see the imdb for further details). So, besides the music, I love the romance, I love the comedy, and I love the sex scenes which come across as very dirty in certain scenes. The first two sequels, Going Steady and Hot Bubblegum are also sheer brilliance; the fourth film Private Popsicle is okay, but the fifth in the series BABY LOVE is possibly the most awesome teenage film EVER made!! See it if you can find a copy - come on lets have DVD releases please!! Number 6 is total rubblish, and 7,8, and 9 don't seem to have been translated into English yet (or released in English anyway).Footnote: Lemon Popsicle was remade in the US in the mid-80s as THE LAST AMERICAN VIRGIN which also features a phenomenal 80s soundtrack and is recommended to all!! Any other fans of the series please contact me.

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Benzi: [to Momo] You're nothing but a shit.
Yudale: [after having sex with Stella] She's a nymphomaniac all right.
Yudale: [about Girls] They ain't virgins, you can tell by the way they walk, ain't that so Bobby?
Momo: What you afraid of, stick around, man, maybe you'll get laid.
Yudale: Man, look at them, fresh for the picking.

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