image movie: Fast Food Nation

Fast Food Nation

category: Moviesdirector:Richard Linklaterruntime:116 minyear: 2006
genres: Comedy Drama Romance
Don Anderson is the Mickey's food restaurant chain's Marketing Director. He is the inventor of the "Big One" the hamburger best seller of Mickey's. An independent research reports the presence of cow's feces in the Big One. So Don is sent to Cody, Colorado, to verify if the slaughterhouse, main supplier of Mickey's, is efficient as it appears and the production process is regular. During his investigations he discovers the horrible truth behind a simple hamburger; the reality is not like we think it is. Don discovers what the mass production system involves, from the temp workers like Amber, to the exploitation of Mexican irregular immigrants. It is not only the meat that is crushed in the mincing machine, but all our society.
An ensemble piece examining the health risks involved in the fast food industry and its environmental and social consequences as well.

Fast Food Nation Images

Still of Richard Linklater and Greg Kinnear in Fast Food Nation (2006) Still of Greg Kinnear in Fast Food Nation (2006) Still of Wilmer Valderrama and Catalina Sandino Moreno in Fast Food Nation (2006) Still of Greg Kinnear and Kris Kristofferson in Fast Food Nation (2006) Still of Greg Kinnear and Kris Kristofferson in Fast Food Nation (2006)

Fast Food Nation Videos

Fast Food Nation | Film Trailer | Participant Media

Fast Food Nation | Film Trailer | Participant Media
Buy on DVD: Learn more about the fast food industry: Don Henderson (Greg Kinnear)-a marketing executive at Mickey's ...

Fast Food Nation (2006) - trailer

Fast Food Nation (2006) - trailer
Informace o filmu na Drama, Velká Británie, USA, 2006, 116 min. Režie: Richard Linklater Hrají: Wilmer Valderrama, ...

Fast Food Nation (Trailer Español)

Fast Food Nation (Trailer Español)
Don Henderson (Greg Kinnear), un ejecutivo corporativo de una importante cadena de restaurantes de comida rápida, tiene un problema: la carne de las ...

Fast food nation - Trailer

Fast food nation - Trailer
Ver en: 2006. 113 m. Drama Dirigida por Richard Linklater Interpretada por Wilmer Valderrama, ...

Fast Food Nation reviews

This movie is a fast food chain's worst nightmare. The trans fats, chemicals and artificial flavors these corporations pump into their so-called "food" has been slowly killing a generation of children for long enough, and finally someone's come out with a film revealing the inner workings of this dishonest and dangerous industry. The imagery is compelling, with a convincing and talented cast. This is the payback fast food corporations have needed for a long time coming. Hopefully many will see this movie and walk away better educated in order to live a longer, happier, and most importantly, healthier life. Watch out for fast food industry propagandists posing as film critics in order to discredit this film, their future and income very well depends on the ignorance of the general population. (Cigarette corporations anyone?)

Fast Food Nation quotes

Jack Deavers: There's shit in the meat.
Paco: Well I can't think of anything right now more patriotic than violating the Patriot Act!
Don Anderson: [Rudy lets him in through a barbwire fence] You should get a clicker.
Rudy Martin: Dwight D. Eisenhower would never have put up with their shit.
Harry Rydell: It is a sad fact of life, Don, but the truth is we all have to eat a little shit from time to time.

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