image movie: Flu Bird Horror

Flu Bird Horror

category: Moviesdirector:Leigh Scottruntime:89 minyear: 2008
genres: Horror Thriller
Two amateurish hunters are attacked by creepy birds in the woods. Meanwhile seven delinquents are camping in the forest with their counselor in a program of reintegration to the society. Suddenly they are attacked by the birds and the counselor dies and one of the youngsters is wounded. The brutal Johnson imposes his leadership by force over the others while they are hunted by the birds. Meanwhile ranger Garrett finds one of the hunters passed out in the forest and takes him to the hospital.
A group of teenagers go on a excursion to the mountains. There, they are attacked by birds infected with a lethal virus. When the teens reach a nearby village, the haunting birds start passing their virus on to all the dwellers.

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Flu Bird Horror (2008) Flu Bird Horror (2008) Flu Bird Horror (2008) Flu Bird Horror (2008) Flu Bird Horror (2008)

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Flu Birds Available on DVD September 30!

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So my warning to those of you who have not yet wasted their time, no matter how cheap you may view it, DON'T.This is what the Sci-Fi Channel is becoming known for; brain-dead movies which are not in the least "Sci-Fi". At one point in history, not so long ago, say, prior to 2002, the Sci-Fi Channel was true to its name. Then came movies like this. And in droves! Garbage, pitiful piles of dung which never cease to amaze for the sheer low quality they exude.What's most notable about this "movie" is the sheer LACK of anything GOOD to say about it! Rare is the movie which is of such all-encompassing lackluster merits that there are no good points to be offered. No, this movie doesn't even have the "cheese" appeal; you can't even say "it's so BAD it's GOOD"! If you want that, watch some of the Japanese monster films from the 1960s.About the only remarkable quality of this film is how the Sci-Fi Channel manages to produce movies which continue to get WORSE.

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