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His Kind of Woman

category: Moviesdirector:John Farrow:Richard Fleischerruntime:120 minyear: 1951
genres: Crime Film-Noir Thriller
Nick Ferraro, deported crime boss, needs to re-enter the USA. His plan involves "honest" gambler Dan Milner, who's subjected to a series of "misfortunes," then bribed to take a trip to Mexico. En route, Dan meets chanteuse Lenore Brent, truly his kind of woman. But on arrival at posh Morros Lodge in Baja California, Dan finds the ostensibly rich, carefree guests all playing roles...except, possibly, ham actor Mark Cardigan. What does Ferraro want with him? Can he trust anyone?
A deported gangster's plan to re-enter the USA involves skulduggery at a Mexican resort, and gambler Dan Milner is caught in the middle.

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Still of Robert Mitchum and Jane Russell in His Kind of Woman (1951) Still of Robert Mitchum, Jane Russell, Raymond Burr, Marjorie Reynolds and Philip Van Zandt in His Kind of Woman (1951) Still of Robert Mitchum in His Kind of Woman (1951) Style B, 1/2 sheet 28 x 22 His Kind of Woman (1951)

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His Kind Of Woman 1951 Trailer

His Kind Of Woman 1951 Trailer
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His Kind of Woman reviews

HIS KIND OF WOMAN, the first of two pairings of RKO's resident 'tough guy', Robert Mitchum, and it's major sex symbol, Jane Russell (the near-classic MACAO would follow, a year later), is such a wonderful, convoluted 'film noir' spoof that it is amazing that it has never appeared on video. Broadly funny, and a more than a bit surreal, the tale of down-and-out gambler Mitchum 'hired' to travel to a remote Mexican resort to provide a 'body' so that a notorious gangster (Raymond Burr, sleekly villainous) can feign his death and return to the U.S., is action-packed, and has been described as "Bogie and Bacall on Steroids'!A great deal of the success of the John Farrow-directed film is due to the inspired casting of Vincent Price as a ham actor who gets to 'live out' his celluloid life, aiding Mitchum. Price quotes Shakespeare, critiques his performance, and is amazed by his own heroics, and he has never been funnier, on screen.An excellent supporting cast, including Tim Holt, Charles McGraw, Marjorie Reynolds, Paul Frees (the famous Hollywood 'voice' actor, actually seen, for a change), and Jim Backus contribute to the on screen mayhem, and Russell sings "Five Little Miles From San Berdoo", one of her more memorable 50s numbers.From the opening scene, as Burr, exiled in Italy, listens to a short-wave radio broadcast of his successful career as an American crime kingpin ("Where is my money?" he demands, as an estimate of his revenue is quoted), to the brawling climax with Mitchum, aboard his yacht, as Price attempts a rescue, HIS KIND OF WOMAN is pure escapism, at it's best.Here's hoping that a DVD edition may soon be released!

His Kind of Woman quotes

Lenore Brent: They tell me you killed Ferraro. How did it feel?
Dan Milner: Well, you see how it is: fools get away with the impossible.
Dan Milner: Do you mind if I join you?
Jose Morro: She is beautiful as well as interesting, isn't she?
Dan Milner: I'm too young to die. How about you?

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