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Ice Planet

category: Moviesdirector:Winrich Kolberuntime:83 minyear: 2001
genres: Sci-Fi
In the brief period of peace after a terrible war in a far future Earth, an outer-space military academy is attacked by an unknown and unstoppable alien force. The commander of the academy, along with a group of newly graduated cadets, escapes to a large research station. Pursued by the aliens, the station jumps through a mysterious hyperspace gateway that sends them to a planet in an unknown part of the universe. Where are they, and will they ever be able to return to Earth?
The end of our world is the beginning on another...

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Ice Planet (2001)

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Ice Planet (2001) Circles and Lines

Ice Planet (2001) Circles and Lines
Ice Planet trailer from 2001 presented by Circles and Lines the new CGI wizards working on the new Ice Planet 2007....

Ice Planet 2001

Ice Planet 2001
Ice Planet full movie. SciFi movie, to some maybe the worst movie, but others say: "Hey, its science fiction, so anything is possible". I myself give this movie a 5 ...

Mass Effect 2: Ice Planet Trailer

Mass Effect 2: Ice Planet Trailer
Okay, here is the trailer to my Shep/Garrus story called "Ice Planet". I wasn't going to upload it yet but JessiV2 encouraged me to do so, so here it is. The story ...

Monster Shooter The Lost Levels - Update Ice planet Trailer - Android

Monster Shooter The Lost Levels - Update Ice planet Trailer - Android
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Ice Planet reviews

If you want to see a mixture of the '50's and '60's Sci-Fi scripts and special effects with modern techniques, then go see the movie. Probably a low budget movie, since they couldn't afford a better scenario, as it starts with a story of a war (what's new?) between two terrestrial factions and it ends with some 1000 people on a strange planet, starting a new life... The connection between the key elements of the story is weak, the people inside are not interesting (old models of heroes from Star Trek, mostly, some elements of the oldies - "The forbidden planet"; "Time Machine") as well as not original at all, as if the movie-makers discovered the bicycle at the beginning of the 21 century... Sorry to say, no logical story, cheap FX, actors are not convincing at all; and the story is not even funny, to recommend it for kids. If I take into account its complexity, I'd recommend it to 10-11 years old kids. It is one of those movies that made you think why you have spent 2 hours of a lovely night for nothing?

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