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category: Moviesdirector:Anya Camilleriruntime:84 minyear: 2006
genres: Horror Mystery Thriller
After a car accident in the mountains of Montana, six friends - Jay-Jay, her brother Josh, Bug, Holly, Peter and Karen - decide to find a shelter to protect themselves against the cold night. With the exception of Karen, the other five friends break in a facility using a rope through the skylight, but the rope breaks and they become trapped in the laboratory. They find two scientists dead and another completely insane, and they realize that the team of scientists was conducting experiments with a serial-killer in coma. When each youngster sleeps, the Sleeper invades the dream turning his victim into a slayer. The survivors try to escape from the sleepwalkers and find an exit.
Stranded after a car accident, a medical school student and her friends try to find shelter - only to cross paths with a deranged killer.

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Incubus (2006) Incubus (2006)

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Incubus (2006)

Incubus (2006)
Stranded after a car accident, a medical school student and her friends try to find shelter - only to cross paths with a deranged killer. By director Anya Camilleri, ...


Original Trailer from 1981 in High Definition. Taglines: "The Incubus. He is the Destroyer." "The dreams. The nightmares. The desires. The fears. The mystery.

Incubus Trailer

Incubus Trailer
This is the trailer for the re-release of Incubus, starring William Shatner(1965). This is an outstanding film shot entirely in the language Esperanto. You can buy ...


For the very first time, AOL RED ( will be hosting the exclusive release of the featured horror film starring Tara Reid, INCUBUS for direct to ...

INCUBUS- trailer

INCUBUS- trailer
Columbia HSSI summer program. Cloud Walker films presents incubus, a short movie trailer of a movie that will never be.

Incubus reviews

Can't believe anyone would think this is scary. Some of the worst acting and dumb story lines even for an grade Z movie. Tara Reid, what can you say about this actress. She has one expression, its like whats going on here, I'm clueless. I guess a look can take you so far even without any talent. I just wonder who is giving this a decent rating. Is the studio behind it doing it. AOL that had it to download? I actually checked the rating before watching and thought "well it might not be too bad, some people are liking it". There are so many good, small independent movies out there that are looking for distribution, why give this a release on DVD? To compare this to Nightmare on Elm St is just crazy.

Incubus quotes

Sleeper: Coming To Get You Girl!
Jay: Look, If We Stay Out Here We're Gonna Freeze
Josh: What Is It?
Karen: What Was That?
Jay: Where Are We?

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