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category: Moviesdirector:Caryn Kroothruntime:95 minyear: 1998
genres: Drama
Drama about a pretty young woman who is raped in a most unusual way. There are unexpected turns and surprises in the plot and some characters turn out to be quite different than you'd expect.
Drama about a pretty young woman who is raped in a most unusual way. There are unexpected turns and surprises in the plot and some characters turn out to be quite different than you'd ... See full summary »

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Jaded (1998) Jaded (1998) Jaded (1998) Jaded (1998) Jaded (1998)

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Movie portrayal of lesbians: Jaded

Movie portrayal of lesbians: Jaded
Jaded Cast: Carla Gugino, Rya Kihlstedt, Christopher McDonald, Lorraine Toussaint, Anna Levine More portrayals of lesbian characters were seen in...

Jaded - Official Movie Trailer

Jaded - Official Movie Trailer
Trailer for the Austrian martial arts action movie Jaded. with and www.

Jaded Movie Trailer

Jaded Movie Trailer
Movie about a young woman in College Park, Georgia who is kidnapped and forced into a world of human trafficking. Director : Sebastien Gaudin Produced by: ...

Jaded Reflections | Trailer (2015)

Jaded Reflections | Trailer (2015)
Showing on October 8, 2015 at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas. Get your tickets here: ...

Trailer - The Great Nerf War: Jaded Raid

Trailer - The Great Nerf War: Jaded Raid
Having recently recovered from an almost near tragic bout with brainwashing, Captain Edgar leads Lt. Baineswolf and Sgt. Harry on a raid of a Lysippe Jade-led ...

Jaded reviews

Jaded starts out strong, but loses steam quickly and trails off into nothing. It raises a lot of interesting issues and then does nothing with them. Omitting the court scene at the end could be forgivable but leaving several loose ends without resolution was unsettling at best. Although for the most part those threads (such as what exactly the customers in the bar were paying $500 for) have fairly obvious conclusions, leaving them hanging in the air in that way robbed this movie of a satisfying conclusion. As it is it almost seems as if they ran out of money to film the courtroom scene and thus made a movie out of the investigation and then just tacked on a ending.The low budget for this film was painfully apparent - it seems almost like a student film. I've seen better production values in porno. Which is puzzling since for the most part the actors involved are professionals that are recognizable from more superior efforts (such as Aida Turturro from the Sopranos). Along with any sense of flow, the director failed to elicit good performances from her actors that we know can do better, with the exception of Carla Gugino, who seemed to be acting in a different film with the intensity that she brought to her performance. She was unfortunately the only thing enjoyable about this movie with a strong premise but no follow through.And shame on whoever commented that Carla was chunky - do women have to be anorexics with stick arms and legs to be acceptable? She's a gorgeous young woman and those kinds of comments are just ridiculous.

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Megan 'Meg' Harris: You don't know me. How can you judge me?

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