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Jason X

category: Moviesdirector:James Isaacruntime:91 minyear: 2001
genres: Horror Sci-Fi Thriller
Set way in the future, Earth is no longer inhabitable, so humans have colonized in outer space. One colony receives two cryogenically frozen bodies, and when they defrost them, one of the bodies turns out to be.....who else? Jason Voorhees. No longer in the forest or Camp Crystal Lake, Jason stalks the colonists in a whole new environment.
Jason Voorhees returns with a new look, a new machete, and his same murderous attitude as he is awakened on a spaceship in the 25th century.

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Still of Kane Hodder in Jason X (2001) Still of Barna Moricz in Jason X (2001) Still of Kane Hodder and Lisa Ryder in Jason X (2001) Still of Melyssa Ade and Derwin Jordan in Jason X (2001) Still of Melyssa Ade, Chuck Campbell and Lexa Doig in Jason X (2001)

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Jason X trailer

Jason X trailer
A trailer of the movie Jason X. And because of all the SOPA acts and stuff I have to say that this is not my video. I don't own any rights for this video, I just want to ...

Jason X Trailer

Jason X Trailer
The Trailer For the 10th Friday the 13th Film, "jason X"

Jason X (Trailer español)

Jason X (Trailer español)
Año: 2001 Director: James Isaac Actores: Kane Hodder, Lexa Doig, Lisa Ryder Sinopsis: En el año 2445, la Tierra es un lugar contaminado al que regresan de ...

Mortal Kombat X Jason Voorhees Gameplay Trailer

Mortal Kombat X Jason Voorhees Gameplay Trailer
Viewer Discretion is advised.

Jason X reviews

Let's face it, if you're going to rent one of the later movies in a slasher movie series, you'd be an idiot to expect high art. The fact that this is the tenth movie in the Friday the 13th franchise, the most knuckle-draggingly, ball-scratchingly cretinous 'horror' series of all time AND it's set in space doesn't exactly suggest that this'll be an all-time classic, but it's a good fun way to kill an hour and thirty minutes nonetheless.Okay, the plot is so thin even a slight breeze would make it disintegrate and the horror element is practically non-existent but then Jason movies abandoned that long ago in favour of just providing dumb escapism with inventive and bloody death scenes, which this film certainly provides. People are sliced in half, impaled on large spikes, blown up, one poor woman even getting her head dunked in liquid nitrogen and shattered on a desk, but the characters are so one-dimensional and it's so cheesy you're more likely to laugh than scream. And I defy you to watch the scene when Jason gets transformed into 'Uber Jason' for the first time and not have a colossal grin traverse your face. There's even a later scene which pokes fun at the earlier movie's clichés with a hilarious "beating one camper to death with the other" sequence.This is not The Exorcist, it's not The Omen, it's even a very long way away from the original Friday The 13th, but as director James Isaac has said, "it's just fun." Get your mates round, pop open a beer, disengage brain and you've got a very entertaining ninety minutes.

Jason X quotes

[talking about Jason's brain size]
Fat Lou: Kids and their goddamn field trips. Let's bring the psycho on board. Yeah, sure. I just know I'm gonna get blamed for this shit.
Brodski: It's gonna take more than a poke in the ribs to put down this old dog.
[programmed to trick Uber-Jason]
Crutch: Hey, you're lucky you weren't alive during the Microsoft conflict. Hell, we were beating each other with our own severed limbs.

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