image movie: Save the Green Planet!

Save the Green Planet!

category: Moviesdirector:Joon-Hwan Jangruntime:118 minyear: 2003
genres: Comedy Drama Fantasy Sci-Fi Thriller
A traumatized young man abducts Korean leaders, believing they're toxic reptilian aliens - a fifth column launching a takeover of beloved Earth. Stumped law enforcement geniuses half-seriously hire a disgraced, disheveled private detective with a long-ago history of super-crime solving. The alienated South Korean youngster Lee Byeong-gu builds an isolated basement command post/torture chamber/film studio to force the awful truth out of the slimy, uncooperative politicians and businesspeople, then alert the public. Byeong-gu is helped by his devoted girlfriend, who buys his theories, but wonders if his horrible childhood has colored his thinking.
Byeong-gu believes that the world is on the verge of an alien invasion, and sets out to save the world.

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Save the Green Planet! (2003) Save the Green Planet! (2003)

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Save the Green Planet Trailer

Save the Green Planet Trailer
the trailer to a GREAT movie.

Save The Green Planet Full Movie DVD rip part 1 indonesia Sub english sub

Save The Green Planet Full Movie DVD rip part 1 indonesia Sub english sub
Save the Green Planet! (Korean title: ??? ???!, Jigureul Jikyeora!) is a South Korean film, written and directed by Jang Joon-hwan, released on 4 April ...

The Forgotten King - Promo Trailer

The Forgotten King - Promo Trailer
The Forgotten King - Promo Trailer.

Personal Space Invader (Save The Green Planet)

Personal Space Invader (Save The Green Planet)
Personal Space Invader source: Save The Green Planet [Jigureul Jikyeora!] (2003) song/artist: "Personal Space Invader" by Sugar Ray content notes: explicit ...

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How many films can have you laughing one minute and totally freaked out the next? This movie, "Save the Green Planet", is not for the faint of heart. There are tons of disturbing scenes, but if you able to take everything in you will find an amazing piece of cinema. It's a shame that Hollywood wouldn't have the gall to but out something as amazing as this. This movie will twist your emotions like none other. You will not know who to cheer for, who's doing good, and who's evil. It's a crime to list this movie as a true comedy, it doesn't even fit the mold of "dark comedy", it's a true hybrid of multiple movie styles, only the Korean movie makers have been able to pull this off flawlessly. This isn't a film for everybody, however if you have a true passion for movies, and want to find out what the hype concerning Korean movies is all about, this is the place to go.

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