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Kicking the Dog

category: Moviesdirector:Randy Scooter Lammeyruntime:91 minyear: 2009
genres: Comedy
Remember that last great summer you had with your friends? The summer you hoped would never end. Kicking The Dog is the story of that summer - a story about real life. Yes, the characters need to make life-changing decisions, but they're also partying, poking boobs, searching the fridge for emergency lubricants, telling stories about sharing condoms and enjoying other distractions that make spending time with old friends something so memorable you'll never find it anywhere else in life - no matter who you meet. Satchem and Julie must decide whether they should pursue their own personal dreams, or stay together, all while telling stories about nipples and wieners. Matt can and will hook up with any girl that crosses his path, including the girl of his brother Robbie's dreams. The sexually frustrated Josh finds himself working at the local porn shop while dating the former slut turned good-girl Jen. Soon his interest in fetishes conflicts with her new found morals, leading to some ...
Twelve friends spend one last great summer together, partying and reminiscing, ultimately realizing they will soon go their separate ways in life.

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Kicking the Dog (2009)

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Kicking The Dog - Official Trailer

Kicking The Dog - Official Trailer
Now on iTunes: Twelve friends spend one last great summer together, partying and reminiscing, ultimately realizing ...

Kicking The Dog  Movie Trailer

Kicking The Dog Movie Trailer
This hilarious movie is available at Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, Netflix, Amazon, Redbox and more. Netflix: ...

Dog Whisperer: Showdown with Holly

Dog Whisperer: Showdown with Holly
While dealing with Holly's food aggression, Cesar gets bitten on the hand. Dog Whisperer: Premieres SAT, Sep 15, 8P et/pt ...

Kicking & Screaming (4/10) Movie CLIP - Backyard Camping (2005) HD

Kicking & Screaming (4/10) Movie CLIP - Backyard Camping (2005) HD
Kicking & Screaming movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: ...

Kicking the Dog reviews

The teen sex genre has been tired since everyone decided to rip off American Pie in the late 90s/easrly 00s. So it's refreshing when a movie comes along that somewhat re-writes the style - and it's actually funnier than most teen comedies - and I dare to say that it will appeal to a wider audience range - meaning from 14 to 40. What it lacks in plot it more than makes up for in laughs.What we have is a group of friends who have just graduated college and are hanging out at a friends house. I don't know where the parents are at for what seems like 2-3 weeks, but it doesn't really matter. Unlike previous movies in this genre, these guys aren't desperately trying to have sex to lose their virginity - they're just acting like 22 year olds. They want sex, want to get drunk, want to have fun and want to hang out with their friends. And their conversations about life is so perfect and non-stop that you feel like you've been there.The main story is that the lead actress (elizabeth schimdt is very good and offers an emotional aspect that offsets the boob jokes) is going to graduate school across country while her boyfriend declines a job offer to stay with her, not realizing she's leaving. He feels betrayed and she's confused. She carries these scenes, which saves this underdeveloped plot line. There is also some minor plot lines with some young eye candy as well as some innocent geeks - one of which steals every scene - sometimes with his words and other times with simple expressions.It only slows a couple times, and never for long. The conversations and jokes come at you as fast as any movie - and much faster than any teen comedy - which makes up for the lack of a great plot (but tell me, how many teen comedies have a great plot) and the fact that too much of the movie is in 1 location. That may be my biggest complaint, I understand it was low budget, but 2 more locations could have made this movie, as they say at the end, "LEGENDARY!" I guess the haters just don't get it. I don't know how. I think of the scenes and just laugh.

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Ronald: I love nipples and wieners... uh, I mean, I love nipples.
Satchem: ...when you're having sex and the girl's on top and she starts grinding her hips looking for an extra two inches that I obviously don't have. This is no time to start getting greedy. Just sit back and enjoy the best five inches this side of the Mississippi.
Matt: That was right-on.
Robbie: In my car?
Matt: If you make a girl laugh, she likes you, but if you make her cry, she loves you.

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