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category: Moviesdirector:Nell Coxruntime:year: 1985
genres: Comedy Family
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Konrad (1985) Konrad (1985) Konrad (1985)

Konrad Videos

Karolina i Konrad - trailer ?lubu

Karolina i Konrad - trailer ?lubu

DER GETEILTE HIMMEL. Ein Film von Konrad Wolf. DVD-Trailer

DER GETEILTE HIMMEL. Ein Film von Konrad Wolf. DVD-Trailer
Einer der größten Der DEFA-Klassiker Nach der Erzählung von Christa Wolf Von den vielen Projekten, an denen Christa und Gerhard Wolf mit dem Regisseur ...

Bez tajemnic 3, Konrad - trailer HBO

Bez tajemnic 3, Konrad - trailer HBO
Charakaterystyka postaci Konrada w trzecim sezonie serialu Bez tajemnic.

Konrad Trailer #1

Konrad Trailer #1
This video is about Adolf trailer 3.

Konrad reviews

I saw this film on PBS when I was a kid and it stuck in my memory, such that when I came across it in my local video store I rented it immediately. It's not in any sense a realistic story, and it's really ham-fisted with the moral, but I found it sweet and entertaining. Polly Holiday's performance as Konrad's hapless hippie mom is especially natural and memorable. Although it's definitely a kid's movie, I still find it to be more creative and amusing than the vast majority of children's television that's coming out today. Watch it with a child!

Konrad quotes

Intercom Woman: [over intercom] Attention, intruders: You are probably lost by now. Please, stand still so we can find you.
Mr. Thomas: I'm his semi-foster-adoptive-part father.

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