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category: Moviesdirector:Reha Erdemruntime:122 minyear: 2010
genres: Drama Fantasy
A strange man with otherworldly talents becomes both a friend and a pariah in a small Turkish town in this drama from writer and director Reha Erdem. Yahya is nearly in a panic when his young son falls into the river on a wintry day and looks lifeless when he's pulled from the water. But a stranger appears out of nowhere and takes the boy in his arms, and suddenly the child is breathing and perfectly healthy again. Yahya and his teenage daughter Neptun are grateful to the stranger, who they discover is named Kosmos, and they bring him into town, where they offer to find him a place to stay. But Kosmos, who often prefers to communicate in inarticulate noises, doesn't care for his new accommodations, and he develops a bad reputation for his habit of stealing things, his strange diet (consisting entirely of sweets), and his desire to bed as many women as possible, including Neptun. Kosmos is on the verge of being driven from the village when it's discovered that he can heal himself at ...
A strange man with otherworldly talents becomes both a friend and a pariah in a small Turkish town in this drama from writer and director Reha Erdem. Yahya is nearly in a panic when his ... See full summary »

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Turkish Cinema - Kosmos (Cosmos) by Reha Erdem - Golden Orange 2009

Turkish Cinema - Kosmos (Cosmos) by Reha Erdem - Golden Orange 2009
Turkish Cinema - Kosmos (cosmos) by Reha Erdem - Golden Orange 2009.

Film Trailer: Kosmos

Film Trailer: Kosmos
Trailer of the film Kosmos (Tribute to Reha Erdem) / Trailer k filmu Kosmos (Pocta Rehovi Erdemovi)

Kosmos IMAX trailer ET/RUS subtitles

Kosmos IMAX trailer ET/RUS subtitles
Boy: Ralf Pohlak VO: Doug Templeton, Nik Stojkov Producer: Anti Reinthal Director: Tanel Toom Storyboard artist- Allan Kukk Script- Veera Marjamaa/Tanel ...

?????? ?????? - OFFICIAL TRAILER

?????? ?????? - OFFICIAL TRAILER
2 ??????????? ????? ??????????????? ??? ??? FEELGOOD ? ??????????????? ???????? ?????? («My Sweet Home», «????????...

Kosmos reviews

I've never seen like this film before. Really.I think, Kosmos is a first scream about Turkish modern rebellion. You think like that it is politically, but not. Kosmos bound up with poetry revolt, post-modern disobedience, divinity individualism, valueless of values. In a nutshell, Kosmos is a literary uprising.Battal, Kosmos, is an outlander and take refuge in a small town where is in Kars, a forgotten city in Turkey. Kars' people want to be remembered and due to this reason they wish the borders must open. Because the small town is too far from both country and city. They feel like derelict and therefore they choke in daily routines, especially a female teacher, feeling be assigned by force to her job, a butcher, being thought of slaying animals, and his daughter. Everybody think that Kosmos is an answer their problems and he have a extraordinary power, being thought of curing their illness.In reality, all of them wants a clue about their existence but Kosmos doesn't. He does not interested in their pursuits and does not realize he is an answer. He seeks for love and his own god like Spinoza.I appreciate Reha Erdem as he made a movie discussing very philosophical and mentally confusing arguments. If you have a chance to watch this movie, you must enjoy listening Sigur Rosian musics ( A Silver Mount Zion and Rachel's) and disturbing movie effects.

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