image movie: The Five Crazy Boys

The Five Crazy Boys

category: Moviesdirector:Claude Zidiruntime:95 minyear: 1971
genres: Comedy Adventure War

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The Five Crazy Boys (1971) The Five Crazy Boys (1971)

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les charlots- les bidasses en folie -bande annonce

les charlots- les bidasses en folie -bande annonce
les charlots- les bidasses en folie -bande annonce.

Les Charlots   Les Bidasses En Folie

Les Charlots Les Bidasses En Folie
Les bidasse en folie,mettez un j'aime,commenter et abonné vous pour plus de vidéos (dite moi ce que vous voulez comme films et je le mettrai)?

Animal ou végétal ?  Les Bidasses en folie des Charlots

Animal ou végétal ? Les Bidasses en folie des Charlots
Scene du film "Les Bidasses en folie". Un film réalisé par Claude Zidi, sorti en 1971.

Les Bidasses en Folie (1971) #1

Les Bidasses en Folie (1971) #1

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Les Bidasses en Folie, a french movie from 1971, is a very short, easy to watch, slapstick hippie comedy. The gags are always very physical, and during the first half hour of movie they work and it's pretty enjoyable and funny. It' outdated and supposed to be cool, and that makes it even funnier. You laugh at how ridiculous it is. Then, the five characters go to war, and you just grow tired of watching them fall and acting stupid, even if it's still funny. The actors have some good body language, and the gags are funny, but it lacks any link of decent storyline or characters. It's just fluff, cute and sugar coated, with a positive feeling. It can leave you with a smile on your face, as some of the moments are spot on. Fortunately, it's short, because if it had 5 minutes more you'd be incredibly tired of watching this. It's not my type of humor, but it's not bad. I wouldn't recommend this, except if you have nothing else to do and only want some fluffy, 70's styled movie.

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