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Les mécréants

category: Moviesdirector:Mohcine Besriruntime:year: 2011
genres: Drama
On the order of their spiritual leader, three young Islamists kidnap a group of actors who are about to go on tour with their latest show. When the kidnappers arrive at the place of detention, they find themselves cut off from their base. Ensues a 7-day no exit situation, in which both sides are forced to live together, confront each other and challenge their mutual prejudices.
On the order of their spiritual leader, three young Islamists kidnap a group of actors who are about to go on tour with their latest show. When the kidnappers arrive at the place of ... See full summary »

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LES MECREANTS (??????? ?????) Film Marocain Trailer

LES MECREANTS (??????? ?????) Film Marocain Trailer
Sur l'ordre de leur chef spirituel, trois jeunes islamistes marocains kidnappent un groupe de jeunes comédiens partis en tournée avec leur dernière création.

???? ????? ??????? ?????    Film Marocain LES MECREANTS    2015

???? ????? ??????? ????? Film Marocain LES MECREANTS 2015
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Film Trailer: Mécréants, Les  / Miscreants, The

Film Trailer: Mécréants, Les / Miscreants, The
Trailer of the film Miscreants, The (Forum of Independents) / Trailer k filmu Nev?rci (Fórum nezávislých)

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This is the story of a week-long encounter between three kidnappers and the five (two women and three men) they kidnap in Morocco; all are Moroccans. Herein lies the USP of the film: violent disagreements and negotiations -- not only over life and death, but also over art, dress and individual choice -- between these two groups are not divided along lines of nationality, or the West and the East, but between people with different ideas about religion and life who otherwise share many things, including language, in common. From the stunning first frame till the chilling last one, this is a beautifully shot film, and almost the entire action takes place in an isolated farmhouse in the countryside. This serves to enhance the tension between the characters. Despite the use of mobile phones by the radical Islamist kidnappers, and their attempts to connect to the internet, ultimately their decisions are guided not by their handlers but by their own conscience. The kidnappers and the members of the theater troupe who are kidnapped are each given their own identity, rather than being portrayed as stock characters, and the resolution to their encounter is sketched beautifully, and poignantly, on screen. When this film was screened in India in August 2012 after being showed in Morocco in January the same year, the audience was enthralled, and the director, who was present, mentioned quite a few details after the screening that put the film in perspective. It was shot on a very low budget, the actors worked for free, and the message the director wanted to share with the audience was that doubt about one's convictions is often more valuable than certainty. This is a film that will stay with me for a long, long, time.

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