image movie: Lost in a Harem

Lost in a Harem

category: Moviesdirector:Charles Reisnerruntime:89 minyear: 1944
genres: Comedy
Pete Johnson and Harvey D. Garvey, two inept magicians on tour in the Middle Eastern kingdom of Barabeeha, help disenfranchised young Prince Ramo regain his throne from his devious Uncle Nimativ, who uses two magical hypnotic rings and ruthless methods to maintain his power. By posing as Hollywood talent scouts the boys break out of a dank dungeon with a deranged derelict, evade palace guards, elude the palace executioner, and avoid detection in the forbidden royal harem.
Two bumbling magicians help a Middle Eastern prince regain his rightful throne from his despotic uncle.

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Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in Lost in a Harem (1944)

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Abbott & Costello: Lost in a Harem - Original Theatrical Trailer

Abbott & Costello: Lost in a Harem - Original Theatrical Trailer
Buzz (Bud Abbott) and Abercrombie (Lou Costello) work in a Tinseltown haircut salon where they usually just take a little off the side. But why not take 10% off ...

WVAH Lost In a Harem promo, 1988

WVAH Lost In a Harem promo, 1988
Promo for TV-11's upcoming airing of the 1944 Abbott & Costello film.

Marilynn Maxwell - 1944 - What Does It Take To Get You .

Marilynn Maxwell - 1944 - What Does It Take To Get You .
It´s a Musical Clip from Abbott & Costello Motion Picture "Lost In A Harem"( 1944). Marilynn Maxwell sings "What Does It Take To Get You" with the Jimmy ...

Up in Arms (Elliott Nugent, 1944) - Trailer

Up in Arms (Elliott Nugent, 1944) - Trailer
Fans of Danny Kaye will revel in Up in Arms, a showcase for the nervous comedian that started him on his extremely successful movie career. Kaye fanatics will ...


Trailer to the 1944 thriller, THE PHANTOM LADY, starring Ella Raines, Franchot Tone, Alan Curtis and Aurora Miranda and directed by Robert Siodmak.

Lost in a Harem reviews

This was always one of my favourite A&C's, and as a previous commenter stated, definitely their best for MGM! Imho their best period overall was with Universal during WW2, but this is on the same level and the generally higher production values more than compensating me for the loss of that special Universal atmosphere. It only came about because MGM wanted to re-use the sets from the film they'd just made of Kismet with Ronald Colman, so John Grant set about writing a pastiche version for the duo.At Port Inferno in Africa Bud & Lou are travelling magicians Garvey & Johnson but only making a living thanks to the alluring insistence of the top star Marilyn Maxwell; they all get ravelled up in young Prince Ramo's attempts to overthrow the throne of his wicked uncle Nimativ (full of vitamins one supposes). On the way they also get ravelled up in many of A&C's wacky routines including Don't say Tin, a bit of piffle-diffle, the classic Pokomoko sketch, Lou trying to sleep with a mouthful of beard, and my favourite the Hi Mike sketch – poor devil: shot to death twice, once with a knife! Douglas Dumbrille played Nimativ perfectly as a despot with a human side, even wanting to take Maxwell as wife no. 38. Maxwell had a great song with What Does It Take, while Jimmy Dorsey and his Orch. unfortunately dressed as Arab tribesmen had a couple of interesting well staged and photographed numbers. I wonder if the scenes would have been condemned by todays professional critics if someone like Louis Armstrong (and his Orch.) had been ridiculously togged up thus instead of Dorsey?For the fan there are many entertaining scenes, some snappy smart ass dialogue going on and the film is a toe-curling pleasure from start to finish; please refer to commenter no. 1 from 2000 if you're not a fan and have as much time to kill as he did.

Lost in a Harem quotes

Harvey Garvey: Have you a reservation here?
Peter Johnson: You love her?
Harvey Garvey: Do I have to especially go now?
The Derelict: I know a secret passage that will take us out.
The Derelict: Quiet! People will think you're crazy.

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