image movie: Maybe Baby

Maybe Baby

category: Moviesdirector:Ben Elton:Hugh Laurieruntime:104 minyear: 2000
genres: Comedy Romance
Sam and Lucy Bell are a married couple who seem to have it all: good looks, successful careers and an enthusiastic love life. The only thing they lack is the one thing they want most - a baby. They try everything in their efforts to reproduce: New Age chanting, acupuncture, creative lovemaking... but all this hectic schedule achieves is improvement in their cardiovascular systems. Ovulation charts soon replace spontaneity, when the couple reluctantly deliver themselves into the hands of medical professionals. At the same time, as Sam comes to find his job increasingly unfulfilling, he sets his sights on writing a screenplay, but writer's block strikes. Encouraged to 'look within' by his hippie friend Druscilla, Sam is inspired: he will write a comedy about a couple trying for a baby! But Lucy is horrified at the idea, and forbids him to tell their story. Sam and Lucy's love for each other, the most important thing they both have, will now truly be put to the test...with surprising ...
A comedy about a couple (Hugh Laurie and Joely Richardson) who are trying to conceive a child.

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Quad Movie Poster, 40 x 30 Maybe Baby (2000) Maybe Baby (2000) Maybe Baby (2000) Maybe Baby (2000) Maybe Baby (2000) Maybe Baby (2000)

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Maybe Baby - Trailer

Maybe Baby - Trailer
MAYBE BABY is the story of Sam and Lucy, an irresistible couple who seem to have everything - good looks, successful careers, matching motorbikes and an ...

Hugh Laurie - Maybe Baby (2000)

Hugh Laurie - Maybe Baby (2000)
Trailer de la pelicula "Maybe Baby" (año 2000) donde actúa Hugh Laurie junto con Joely Richardson, Rowan Atkinson y Emma Thompson.

Maybe Baby (1988) - trailer

Maybe Baby (1988) - trailer

Maybe Baby Trailer

Maybe Baby Trailer
trailer for "Maybe Baby" aka the girliest movie ever Coming Soon!

Maybe Baby reviews

"Maybe Baby" is a very British comedy about a married couple who are having trouble making a baby. He's a script writer who sees the foibles and farces involved in their attempts to conceive as fuel for a screenplay which could save his failing career. She's a Barbiesque beauty who's avoiding the advances of a charismatic actor while trying to conceive. A fun frolic through the camp and corny, "Maybe Baby" is about 80% comedy with the remaining 20% spread over drama, pathos, romance, contemplations about married life, etc. resulting in a light hearted romp which should play well with more mature married-with-kids types, especially females into English humor, in spite of lukewarm critical reviews. (B)

Maybe Baby quotes

Lucy Bell: [writes in her diary] Carl Phipps came into work today all brooding and Byronic. He looked like the dispossessed lord of a bleak Mooreland estate. I swear his aftershave smelled of heather.
Sheila: Well Mr. Phipps, you are in perilous danger of turning me back into a heterosexual.
Ewan Proclaimer: "Sick Junkie" is a comedy about a group of normal, ordinary kids - all heroin addicts, of course. Possibly Welsh, maybe Irish, probably Scottish. We see a week in their ordinary, mundane lives. They inject heroin into their eyeballs. They have babies in toilets. They get AIDS. They try and raise veins on their private parts in order to inject more heroin. They kill a social worker. They have anal sex in exchange for heroin, which turns out to be cut with bleach, and kills them. They have abortions. They're raped by gangs of English policemen.
Ewan Proclaimer: Isn't that amazing? Grown men and women that have to be taught how to use a hypodermic needle. It's extraordinary.
Lucy Bell: [reading] Samuel Bell: sperm test. 30% sluggish.

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