image movie: My Wife Goes Back to School

My Wife Goes Back to School

category: Moviesdirector:Giuliano Carnimeoruntime:82 minyear: 1981
genres: Comedy

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Carmen Russo In Mia moglie torna a scuola

Carmen Russo In Mia moglie torna a scuola
Carmen Russo In Mia moglie torna a scuola Italian Movie Genere :commedia Renzo Montagnani: Aristide, marito di Valentina Carmen Russo: Valentina Buratti ...

Jimmy Il Fenomeno, Renzo Montagnani e Carmen Russo - "La Mozzarellina"

Jimmy Il Fenomeno, Renzo Montagnani e Carmen Russo - "La Mozzarellina"
Il nostro eroe cerca di comprare una "mozzarellina" da Carmen Russo, ma l'indimenticabile Renzo Montagnani gli rifila un inutile etto di mortadella... dal film ...

Mia Moglie Torna A Scuola - Full Italian Movie 1981

Mia Moglie Torna A Scuola - Full Italian Movie 1981
My Wife Goes Back to School (1981) "Mia moglie torna a scuola" (original title) Director: Giuliano Carnimeo Writers: Gianfranco Couyoumdjian (story), Carlo Veo ...

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Director Guliano Carnimeo directed one of the more memorable (if not necessarily one of the best) gialli, "The Case of the Bloody Irises", as well as interesting and unusual crime drama "Secrets of a Call Girl", both featuring Edwige Fenech. Here though he was apparently reduced to directing a "liceale" (high school-themed) Italian sex comedy. But instead of having Fenech as a sexy teacher or Gloria Guida as a sexy student, he has Carmen Russo playing the pampered young wife of a wealthy butcher who goes back to a private liceale in order to become "cultured". How ANYONE is going to become cultured at this place is hard to fathom. You have the usual gang of ridiculously overaged "students" who do nothing but pull stupid pranks and spy on Russo and her roommate (Cinzia DiPonti) as they shower. The "adults" are even bigger idiots: they include her husband who keeps trying to sneak into the school, the battle-axe of a headmistress who's so sexually frustrated she'll go to bed with an anatomy skeleton, an idiotic professor who Russo's character unaccountably has a crush on, and an enterprising janitor who makes money renting ladders and staging elaborate ruses to help people get in and out of the school.This is obviously a REALLY dumb movie, but that's kind of like complaining that the hard liquor you're drinking straight out of the bottle doesn't really taste very good--it's hardly the point. Carmen Russo has an incredible body and you get to see all of it several times. Same with Di Ponti (Miss Italy 1979) and several of the other girls. None of the actresses is nearly as talented as Edwige Fenech, or even Gloria Guida, but that's OK I guess. And at least Lino Banfi isn't in this--they more than fill the male idiocy quota without him.

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