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category: Moviesdirector:Johanna Vuoksenmaaruntime:98 minyear: 2003
genres: Comedy
HOLIDAY FROM HELL. A young couple in the IT business, with no kids and a fancy house in a good neighbourhood, finally have a few weeks off before new career challenges. Envious about their friends' exotic holiday destinations, they meet a travel agent offering them the ultimate experience: four weeks in one of the shadiest suburbs of the city. Part of the deal is that their credit cards, passports and keys are all sealed in an envelope. Acting as an unemployed couple, their street credibility is often questioned by their new neighbours who are more at home with the ways of the concrete jungle. And this is just the beginning...
Katri and Janne want to make a trip, which none of their friends have made. They end up in Jakomäki.

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Upswing (2003)

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Kari-Pekka Toivonen - Finland 2005

Kari-Pekka Toivonen - Finland 2005
Kari-Pekka Toivonen - SHOOTING STAR Finland 2005

Traileri: Varasto (2011)

Traileri: Varasto (2011)
Taru Mäkelän elokuva Arto Salmisen romaanista. Käsikirjoitus Veli-Pekka Hännisen, kuvaus Jouko Seppälän, tuotanto Markku Tuurnan. Rooleissa Kari-Pekka ...

Nousukausi 2003 Part 1

Nousukausi 2003 Part 1
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RÃÃPERI. Rikollisen hyvä elokuva.

RÖÖPERI. Rikollisen hyvä elokuva.
Traileri. Ensi-ilta 9.1.2009. Elokuvan kotisivu: Ohjaus: Aleksi Mäkelä. Tuottaja: Markus Selin.

Upswing reviews

I have really enjoyed myself lately the new Finnish movies as they get better and better! Nousukausi is a brilliant movie, made of a fresh and new idea. It is not only a comedy, even though it gave me huge laughs during the viewing. It is also a bit of a drama, focusing on the reality of a relationship of a two rich and talented young people, whose life is in every aspect in order -or is it?The movie focuses cleverly on the today's values in the society, and how they affect on young people. It shows us with the means of comedy how it is like when everything you have gained and relied on is taken away from you and suddenly you have to survive without the help from the surrounding society. And in this Nousukausi succeeds very well, making it very enjoyable watching!Definitely an enjoyable movie experience in Finnish movies!

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Heino: I'm chasing Ismo Harju, and so are you!

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