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Perfect Blue

category: Moviesdirector:Satoshi Konruntime:81 minyear: 1997
genres: Animation Horror Mystery Thriller
Mima leaves the idol group CHAM, in order to pursue her dream as an actress. Mima climbs up the rocky road to success by performing as rape victims and posing nude for magazines, but is haunted by her reflections of the past.
A retired pop-singer-turned-actress' sense of reality is shaken when she is stalked by an obsessed fan and seemingly a ghost of her past.

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Perfect Blue (1997) Perfect Blue (1997)

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Perfect Blue *UK Exclusive* Trailer

Perfect Blue *UK Exclusive* Trailer
The classic film remastered from the original Japanese master tapes. A retired pop singer turned actress' sense of reality is shaken when she is stalked by an ...

Perfect Blue trailer

Perfect Blue trailer
Manga Entertainment's trailer for Perfect Blue.

Perfect Blue (Trailer subtitulado en español)

Perfect Blue (Trailer subtitulado en español)
Año: 1997 Director: Satoshi Kon Sinopsis: Mima es la cantante de un famoso grupo musical japonés. Ante la bajada de ventas de sus discos, el manager ...

Perfect Blue Trailer

Perfect Blue Trailer
Trailer of an old anime movie. RIP Satoshi Kon.

Trailer- Perfect Blue

Trailer- Perfect Blue
Misleading, but not an outright lie.

Perfect Blue reviews

Perfect Blue is a very strange film. It's anime, but it's set in circa-1995 modern Tokyo, with a story in which everything could be explained in terms of natural phenomena and present-day technology. Furthermore, it's a psychological thriller, a genre which probably hasn't ever been done with animation before. But even if Japan's animators dabbled in this genre more often, Perfect Blue would still be a bizarre film. It starts off as a fairly conventional thriller about a teen pop singer who may be the target of a stalker, but then the movie goes completely insane, assaulting the viewer with rapid changes of scene, perspective, and context until we simply don't know what to believe anymore. This is done so subtly and gradually that we become completely trapped in the movie's spell, and we end up just staring at the screen in horror, helpless to stop the nightmarish events from unfolding. Rarely has any movie so effectively conveyed the lunatic terror of a character who has lost touch with reality, and once the movie is over, all you can do is just sit there and try to figure everything out. Have fun with it. It's a good head scratch.Unfortunately, the last minute or so of the movie is much too sappy and uplifting (especially the music on the end credits), cheapening the significance of everything that has gone before. But as a whole, Perfect Blue is an incredibly haunting thriller, a scathing look at the world of showbusiness, and a very worthwhile film.

Perfect Blue quotes

Actor playing rapist: I'm really sorry.
[Last line]
Me-Mania: You bad girl... you have to follow the script!
Mima Kirigoe: Excuse me... who are you? Excuse me... who are you?
Mima Kirigoe: What? This isn't true! I didn't write this!

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