image movie: L'ennemi de la classe

L'ennemi de la classe

category: Moviesdirector:Rok Bicekruntime:112 minyear: 2013
genres: Drama
Relations between the students and the new teacher of German are extremely tense. When one female student commits suicide, her schoolmates blame the teacher for her death. An awareness that things are not quite so black and white comes too late... (based on true events)
Relations between the students and the new teacher of German are extremely tense. When one female student commits suicide, her schoolmates blame the teacher for her death. An awareness that... See full summary »

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L'ennemi de la classe (2013) L'ennemi de la classe (2013)

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RAZREDNI SOVRAŽNIK ("Class Enemy") - kino napovednik

RAZREDNI SOVRAŽNIK ("Class Enemy") - kino napovednik
V KINU OD 12. SEPTEMBRA 2013. uradna FB stran: Scenarij: ...

RAZREDNI SOVRAŽNIK (Class Enemy) Official Trailer (2013) HD - english subtitles

RAZREDNI SOVRAŽNIK (Class Enemy) Official Trailer (2013) HD - english subtitles
Here To Subscribe! --?? Winner of the FIPRSECI award at this year's Athens European Panorama. RAZREDNI SOVRAŽNIK (Class Enemy) ...

Jebiga - Najlepša terasa u Lublani!

Jebiga - Najlepša terasa u Lublani!
Eden izmed mnogih carskih delov najboljše slovenske komedije :)

Kinodvor: Filmska sre?anja ob kavi: Razredni sovražnik

Kinodvor: Filmska sre?anja ob kavi: Razredni sovražnik
5. 11. 2014 Filmska sre?anja ob kavi - abonma za poznejša leta: Razredni sovražnik (Rok Bi?ek, Slovenija, 2013) Pogovor z gosti Rokom Bi?kom, Vorancem ...

Class Enemy (Razredni Sovražnik) by Rok Bi?ek premiere at 70th Venice Film Festival

Class Enemy (Razredni Sovražnik) by Rok Bi?ek premiere at 70th Venice Film Festival
Official screening in the presence of director and cast. August 30 2013, Venice Lido. Festival section: international critics week.

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I watched this movie yesterday at a screening in Ljubljana. Prior to seeing it, I heard it's a type of movie that climbs into your head and stays there for a while, so it really made me even more eager to go and see it. Usually when I hear a lot of good criticism, I turn sceptical cause it seems like a publicity stunts (yes, we people of the 21st century). And so I was sceptical coming into the theatre yesterday. The first 30 minutes didn't leave me touched at all. It felt a little bit confusing and off-rhythm, and I said to myself "Oh, OK, it's just another over-hyped movie." But then very slowly the story started turning around, the director started giving us glimpses of everyone's personality and the main message started to become clearer and clearer as the movie went on. In the end I realized that the message was portrayed very clearly and that the director wanted to leave us thinking; he wanted to paint a picture, that was not at all black-and- white.And I love that quality about movies. In real life, every situation has more than one standpoint; everything is relative. It is up to us to decide which side of the truth to take. For a movie to give our minds only one option is very restricting. A lot of societies, slovenian is only one of them, need to start thinking out of the boundaries, they need to see actions more complex as they really are and they need to stop eternally hang responsibility onto one another. What we eventually realize is that we are all in the same story; we all act in the same show; and in the end we all influence one another, even if it doesn't seem so at first sight.Furthermore, the subject of the story was very contextual for current slovenian society (and probably some other societies too) and it probably gave all the viewers a lot to think about in the months to come. I think it's important for a successful movie to have 2 qualities story-wise: to portray stories, distinctive of a certain society/nation; and a broader, universal story, to which anyone can connect. The trend that this movie is portraying (trend of young people and their million freedoms, that are not always eligible; but on the other side the young people's feelings of helplessness and distrust towards authority) is pretty common for the whole modern western world while the characters and their interactions fit right into the typical modern slovenian society. And on the other hand the movie shows us the basic human experience of searching for meaning. Let's face it, everyone does it; but everyone does it in a different way. If you think you're gonna get a lot of emotions from music in this movie, you're wrong. This movie only has 1 song in its soundtrack; that way it is able to paint the realistic picture of everyday life, including all the oftenly feared silence our everyday lives include. I loved the style. Even the ending credits are soundless, and there's no need for it. But it gives us time to take it all in instead of focusing on music and its emotions.The bottom line is that the movie offers a lot, if you are willing to take it. I literally started to realize that maybe not all my reactions towards teachers were correct; and that I mentioned the word "system" one time too many. The teacher said it nicely; The system is and always will be something cold; like a cold, racing river. But you need to find a rock to grab to, so it doesn't take you away. If you don't find a rock, you will be a confused, struggling man.System is confusing and unworthy of trust; but we need to be active, not passive. We need to find a rock, that suits us. Cooperate in changes, not only wait for them to happen. This movie certainly is a step into the right direction, striving for change. It also contains a lot of humour, and I think humour is many times THE synonim for action. Last but not least, the acting and the camera were good. I liked how the acting was natural. I would like it more, if the camera was more active; some scenes the camera just stood on the talking person for 10 seconds, but I was really interested how the other person was reacting. But I guess that's a matter of style.The bottom line, this was money and time well spent. I like to spend my money for experiences, that make my mind perceive things a little bit differently.Cheers

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Sasa: I know your class well, and we get along. So I can help you. Hey, we could go somewhere and talk about it. After school. They're starting up those... you know, serious concert seasons of serious music. I mean, I've always wanted to listen to deeper, classical music. I think you're the same.
Chang: You Slovenians, if you're not killing yourselves, your killing each other.
Nik: If we smile it doesn't mean we're stoned.
Thomas Mann: A man's dying is more his survivor's affair than his own.
Mojca: A man's dying is more his survivor's affair than his own. Thomas Mann.

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