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category: Moviesdirector:Akira Kurosawaruntime:105 minyear: 1950
genres: Drama
Famous singer Miyako Saijo, who is publicity shy, and motorbiking artist Ichirô Aoye, who has minor celebrity, meet by chance in Kappazawa while Ichirô is on a painting expedition, and Miyako is on a retreat. As she has missed her bus to Kaminoyu and as Ichirô is heading there anyway, he offers her a ride to the resort where both of them are staying and which is largely empty as it is the off season. As he visits her in her room solely as a measure of friendship and camaraderie, they are unaware that a paparazzo working for scandal sheet Amour has taken a photograph of the two of them together on her balcony. Hori, Amour's publisher, decides to print the photograph along with an accompanying salacious story on what could have happened based on the photograph, but which is a total fabrication. Hori has done such before with other celebrities, never having been sued as he believes his subjects either like the publicity or are too busy or scared to take action. A libel suit he feels will...
A celebrity photograph sparks a court case as a tabloid magazine spins a scandalous yarn over a painter and a famous singer.

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Still of Toshirô Mifune and Shirley Yamaguchi in Scandale (1950) Scandale (1950) Scandale (1950)

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Scandal 1950 by Akira Kurosawa (Full Movie)

Scandal 1950 by Akira Kurosawa (Full Movie)
Scandal 1950 by Akira Kurosawa (Full Movie) Scandal is a 1950 film written and directed by Akira Kurosawa. The film stars Toshir? Mifune, Takashi Shimura ...

cine en corto1

cine en corto1
Sugata sanshiro, 1943. (La leyenda del gran Judo) * Ichiban utsukushika, 1944. (La más bella) * Zoku sugata sanshiro, 1945. (La nueva leyenda del gran Judo) ...

Christmas - Scandal (1950)

Christmas - Scandal (1950)
Jingle Bells and Silent Night from Akira Kurosawa's film Scandal (??)

Akira Kurosawa

Akira Kurosawa
Filmography - 1936: Shojo Hanazono; Enoken no senman chôja; Zoku Enoken no senman chôja; Tokyo rapusodei. 1937: Sengoku gunto-den - Dai ichibu ...

Scandale reviews

This is my favourite Kurosawa film. The director was reported to have been furious at the state of media freedom under the post-WWII US Occupation, and he vents his spleen on it here. The film is a passionate condemnation of gutter press and appears to be partly based on the director's own experiences.I have to stop myself from the overuse of superlatives when describing this film. The acting is simply some of the best I've seen in any movie. Mifune does his usual good job as the brooding and very serious motorbike-riding painter but, for once, even the great Mifune is outclassed by several other actors.Yoshiko Yamaguchi shines as the doe-eyed singer, whom a scandal magazine tries to frame as the painter's lover.Despite not appearing until a third of the way through the film, Takashi Shimura steals every scene from Mifune. He is in top form as the weird and corrupted lawyer, and is a delight to watch.But even Shimura is outclassed by the young Yoko Katsuragi, playing his daughter, who despite dying of TB is cheerful and a joy to all around her.Nor does the support cast let them down. A number of great character actors, led by the man who plays the sleazy editor, complete the picture nicely.I unreservedly recommend this film as a must-see for any film lover.

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