image movie: Ski School

Ski School

category: Moviesdirector:Damian Leeruntime:95 minyear: 1990
genres: Comedy
Rival ski instructors at a prestigious mountain school compete to save their jobs. The infamous "Section Eight", a popular group of skiing partiers are up against some rich stiffs whose only thought is beating their arch rivals in the annual spring pageant.
Rival groups in a skiing school do battle on and off the piste. One gang are rich and serious, the other group are party animals.

Ski School Videos

Ski School (1991)

Ski School (1991)
Trailer for Ski School (1991)

Ski School 1990 She's bad

Ski School 1990 She's bad
I love this freaking song, if anybody got an mp3 rip of it let me know!

Ski Patrol Trailer (1990)

Ski Patrol Trailer (1990)
Alternative title: Ski Academy (1990). My favorite character as a kid was Suicide (Sean Sullivan): Taste death, live life!.

Sofa Ski School - From Blue to Powder, Trailer

Sofa Ski School - From Blue to Powder, Trailer NEW - published in 2014. “Sofa Ski School – From Blue to Powder” covers the most important ski fundamentals and shows how ...

Ski Patrol Official Trailer #1 - T.K. Carter Movie (1990) HD

Ski Patrol Official Trailer #1 - T.K. Carter Movie (1990) HD
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Ski School reviews

I never saw Ski school because I was looking for Citizen Cane on the slopes. I saw it because Dean Cameron was in it and that was enough reason for me. I wasn't disappointed at all. It's about this ski team (Section 8) of misfits who basically ski very well but also love to play practical jokes on the uptight ski team. They get threatened with being thrown off the slopes and must retaliate. The best thing about this movie (other than the multi-talented team of Dean Cameron and Stuart Fratkin) is that most of the script was written by them. The movie plays like a bunch of guys goofing around (Helium theater is my favorite). in short, this film kicks a**.

Ski School quotes

Dave Marshak: Welcome to my kingdom. I will bed you all before the night is through.
Dave Marshak: It's not how far you go, it's how go you far.
[after [link=tt0080684]]
Fitz: This isn't a party, it's a still life.
Dave Marshak: Fitz, you get beer. Ed, you get... beer. Johnny, you get laid.

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