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Ski School 2

category: Moviesdirector:David Mitchellruntime:92 minyear: 1994
genres: Comedy
Dave is invited to his former girlfriend's wedding and it is his duty to make sure it doesn't happen since her fiance has plans to take over the resort once they're married
Dave Marshak returns to the Ski School mountain to stop his ex-girlfriend's wedding.

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Ski School 2 (1994) Ski School 2 (1994) Ski School 2 (1994)

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Ski School 1990 She's bad

Ski School 1990 She's bad
I love this freaking song, if anybody got an mp3 rip of it let me know!

Ski School (1991)

Ski School (1991)
Trailer for Ski School (1991)

Movie Review: Ski School 2 (1994)

Movie Review: Ski School 2 (1994)
Today I watched Ski School 2 directed by David Mitchell and starring Dean Cameron, Heather Campbell and Doug Copithorne. It's pretty fantastic. Music by Amir ...

Tammy and the T-Rex (1994) - Full Movie

Tammy and the T-Rex (1994) - Full Movie
1994's Tammy and the T-Rex Directed by Stewart Raffill Written by Gary Brockette & Stewart Raffill Starring Denise Richards, Paul Walker & Theo Forsett I ...

Ski School 2 reviews

I watched this film 5 times in one day during the first year of owning a copy on DVD. The love for this film has not stuttered in the slightest. This film's pure brilliance is astounding. It is hard to believe the majority of these actors are relative unknowns. Brent Sheppard and Dean Cameron excel as the two leads competing for the attention of the blonde honey Beth, who happens to own the ski resort they are based at. Bill Dwyer and Will Sasso fill the screen during their supporting acts as second fiddle characters, but ensure that they will forever be remembered with quality timing and happily making the film fun to watch and enjoy.This film could be described as 'too much fun'. Simply because, at no point what so ever does the film attempt to be great, it just happens by accident. The scenes are oozing with wonderful white scenery, the women that pass by are consistently scrumptious, the supporting cameo actors are so convincing that its a surprise when Oscars aren't brought into the scene for them, and best of all the skiing scenes are picture perfect, filled with excitement and gloriously filmed manoeuvres that only seasoned pros could make look so good. Another bonus to the films natural charm are the goofs, and plenty of them to boot. I would hazard a guess at a single goof is made, via stars and scenery, every 20 seconds, approximately. Yet, astonishingly, it only adds depth to the addictiveness of the entire film.This film is what On Her Majesty's Secret Service would have been like had it been filmed as a comedy, set in Canada, and given a third of the budget. Though I must admit the villain, Brent Sheppard as Steve Longwood, is a far more ruthless and demented rival to our hero than any antagonist has ever been before, or since.This film is pure and simple entertainment that, at only and hour and a half, is far shorter than you'd like, but the compactness of its genius means that you can watch it several times a day, happily. Fabulous!

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Toddorbert Guzinski: Anyway, this Steve guy, snapped up Beth quicker than you can say tian gu li ao.
Steve Longwood: What do you say we go to this wedding in style, in my new cherry red Beamer
[on phone]
Toddorbert: Pain is temporary, glory lasts forever!
Dave Marshak: No, with you, the clock, goodbye.

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