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Still Crazy

category: Moviesdirector:Brian Gibsonruntime:95 minyear: 1998
genres: Comedy Drama Music Romance
"Strange Fruit" had everything that makes a legendary rockband: Money, Fame, Success, Groupies, a Singer who died of drugs and even a divine ending, when lightning struck the stage during an open-air. Twenty years later, all band members are minding their own businesses, the idea of a band reunion is brought up by, well, public request. Tony, the former keyboard player, sets out only to find his former friends working as a roofer, a gardener and a hotel clerk. They all became rather everyday people, married or still single, they definitely are not wild and crazy anymore. But with the help of former manager Karen, who is still dreaming of Brian, the apparently deceased lead guitarist, they all, old, fat and wrinkled as they are, try to catch that spirit again.
"Strange Fruit" had everything that makes a legendary rockband: Money, Fame, Success, Groupies, a Singer who died of drugs and even a divine ending, when lightning struck the stage during ... See full summary »

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Les & Ray Cast Photo Stephen Rea stars as Tony Costello Tony, Beano, Les & Ray Billy Connolly stars as Hughie

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Still crazy. U.S film trailer

Still crazy. U.S film trailer
Great British comedy about fallen 70's rock band Strange Fruit, reforming in the 90's and falling out all over again.

Still Crazy - Trailer

Still Crazy - Trailer
Twenty years after their highly publicized breakup in 1978 at the Wisbech open-air festival, Strange Fruit keyboardist Tony (Stephen Rea) and his long lost ...

Mick Garris on STILL CRAZY

Mick Garris on STILL CRAZY
Although nominated for two Golden Globes, this British rock comedy about an apocryphal '70s rock band called Strange Fruit acrimoniously reuniting in middle ...

Still Crazy trailer - subtitulado español

Still Crazy trailer - subtitulado español
Hecho por Javier Gómez-Mesa Tito (

Still Crazy reviews

I found 'Still Crazy' to be marvelously entertaining, and not only to those of us who lived through that raucous era of late '60s, early '70s rock. My 15 year old daughter watches it with me every time I drag out the DVD (don't worry, it's only been three times) and she loves it too.It is a truly loving, poignant and hilarious nod to the era, and every actor hits his/her notes with perfection. It was my first introduction to Bill Nighy and I am glad his somewhat similar turn in 'Love Actually' brought him more attention. Bruce Robinson was incredible as Brian, bringing real life to what could have been a caricature of the drug-damaged rocker stereotype. It was interesting to see that Robinson has made quite a name for himself as a writer.I live in Sherman Oaks, California, and after the first time I saw the movie I bumped into Billy Connolly at the local mall (he lived here at the time) and told him it was one of my five favorite films of all time. He invited me to sit down at the food court with him and we discussed the movie for some time. We even talked of the idea of an American-oriented remake before wisely dismissing that. Why mess with the original?My only problem with 'Still Crazy' is that it wasn't hugely popular in theaters and too many people have missed out on a wonderful experience.

Still Crazy quotes

Beano: You know what they say. "If at first you don't succeed... "
Astrid Simms: Karen will get plane tickets, just give her your credit card number.
Beano: Are you still a road dog, Hughie?
Beano: [Playing a game to name bands with parts of the body as part of their name] Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show!
Karen Knowles: Tell me Astrid, how are Kirby, Steele and Oakes?

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