image movie: Jesse Stone: Stone Cold

Jesse Stone: Stone Cold

category: Moviesdirector:Robert Harmonruntime:87 minyear: 2005
genres: Crime Drama Mystery Thriller
In the small town of Paradise, Massachusetts, the experienced Chief of Police Jesse Stone is investigating a murder and a rape case. When a series of murders happen with the same "modus-operandi", Jesse discloses the identity of the killers. However, without the motive, proof or weapon, he has to wait for an opportunity to catch the murderers.
Jesse Stone (Selleck) is a New England police chief investigating a series of murders, in an adaptation of Robert B. Parker's novel.

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Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (2005) Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (2005)

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Stone Cold (1991) trailer

Stone Cold (1991) trailer
Starring: Brian Bosworth, Lance Henriksen and William Forsythe.

stone cold trailer

stone cold trailer
Self made trailer and also tribute to this cool movie and Brian Bosworth, who deserved a bigger moviecareer in my opinion.

Stone Cold Trailer

Stone Cold Trailer
Stone Cold Trailer.

Stone Cold [1991/Brian Bosworth] - 1080p

Stone Cold [1991/Brian Bosworth] - 1080p
Joe Huff is a tough, go-it-alone cop with a flair for infiltrating dangerous biker gangs. The FBI blackmail Joe into an undercover operation to convict some ...

Jesse Stone: Stone Cold reviews

"Stone Cold" is a 2005 made for television film noir starring Tom Selleck. While the plot is rather simplistic, Tom Selleck, as the film's star, offers a strong performance as Jesse Stone, a worn down police chief now serving in the small Maine coastal community of Paradise. Formerly a high profile homicide detective from Los Angeles, Selleck as Stone gives this film great appeal. In addition, the supporting roles are all well cast, albeit with largely unknown actors except for Mimi Rogers who stars as a local defense attorney.Police Chief Jesse Stone has to deal with an ex-wife who is a national news reporter who is always hungry for a scoop. He still has conflicted romantic feelings about her and will listen attentively to her messages on his answering machine, but he refuses her entreaties to insulate herself into his investigation in the hope of gaining inside access to the identity of a serial killer or killers suddenly plaguing the town.Helping Stone to pass the time in Paradise is the joyful presence of a much younger woman who is not only a dear friend but also a welcome sexual partner. She would love to mean more to Stone, but he is so burned out by his previous work in L.A. and his recent divorce that he keeps her at a safe emotional distance. For the most part, alcohol offers about as much of a constant relationship as Stone has any desire to deal with.The quiet peacefulness of Paradise is shattered one day by the discovery of a body lying near the craggy shore close to the lighthouse. The young man had been shot twice at close range, apparently by two different 22 caliber guns as the angles of the bullets' entry into his body are different. Making life more difficult for Chief Stone is the gang rape of a young high school student, Candace Pennington (Alexis Dziema), whose parents are strangely uncooperative when they all sit down in the police station for an interview. Her mother had bathed her before coming down to the station, most likely compromising the physical evidence. They withdraw their complaint and leave in a huff after Stone wants the girl to go to the area hospital for a check up and further tests.A trusted female officer sent over to the high school quickly deduces the identities of the three rapists when she observes them all taunting Candace in the high school cafeteria. They turn out to be popular students who play football for the local high school team. In an effort to separate the three boys into accessories to the crime and rapists, Stone is immeasurably helped by the discovery of incriminating photographs in the knapsack of one of the kids. Now he and his three man staff have to deal with angry parents and high priced defense attorneys brought in to get the kids off the hook.The day goes from bad to worse when another body, this time a young woman killed in her car in a parking lot, is discovered with the exact same M.O. as the young man. Chief Stone realizes that he has what looks like a serial killer operating somewhere in town and he begins to wonder who will be next since he has no evidence to suspect anyone much less charge anybody."Stone Cold" is one of the better television movies that I have recently seen. As the author has written several books starring Chief Stone, my sincere wish is that Selleck will soon reprise this role.

Jesse Stone: Stone Cold quotes

Abby Taylor: [to Jessie Stone] Larry, Curly, and Moe want to talk with you.
Chief Jesse Stone: You shoot, you always shoot to kill. It's not like in the movies. You've got about a half a second to figure out what needs to be done.
Luther 'Suitcase' Simpson: Is this official?
Chief Jesse Stone: "Plink vermin." Who talks like that? People don't talk like that.
Chief Jesse Stone: I'm just a small town cop, mostly I give out parking tickets.

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