image movie: Strictly Sexual (2008)

Strictly Sexual (2008)

category: Moviesdirector:Joel Viertelruntime:100 minyear: 2008
genres: Comedy Drama Romance
In Los Angeles, the wealthy aspirant writer Donna and her best friend (also aspirant designer) Christi Ann are bored of relationships and decide to chase two escorts in a bar for one night stand. Meanwhile, the construction workers and best friends Stanny and Joe come from New York but do not find jobs in Los Angeles; without money, they decide to go to a fancy bar to drink and leave the place without paying the bill. Donna and Christi Ann meet Stanny and Joe and invite them home believing they are hustlers. After a night of sex, the women discover the misunderstanding and that the men are indeed unemployed workers. They offer them to stay in a tent near the swimming-pool with beer and food while they search for jobs; in return, they would be their "boy-toys" during the nights in a strictly sexual relationship. Along the following weeks, the couples become closer and change their feelings and behaviors with the development and growing of their relationships.
Two successful women, sick and tired of dating and relationships, decide to keep two young men in their pool house for strictly sexual purposes.

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Strictly Sexual (2008) Strictly Sexual (2008)

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Strictly Sexual

Strictly Sexual
On DVD 2/24/09 - If you could have sex with no strings attached, would you? Donna (Amber Benson) and Christi Ann (Kristen Kerr) try their best, with funny and ...

Strictly Sexual (2008) [Full Movie] Ger (+16 )

Strictly Sexual (2008) [Full Movie] Ger (+16 )
Genre: Abenteuer | Länge: 100 Minuten | Land/Jahr: Germany 2008 Dass Sex die Freundschaft zerstören kann, ist allgemein bekannt. Dass auch Liebe den Sex ...

Strictly Sexual - Official Trailer (Deutsch)

Strictly Sexual - Official Trailer (Deutsch)
Release Date: 2010 Cast: Amber Benson | Johann Urb | Kristen Kerr | Steve Long Director: Joel Viertel Plot: Die Drehbuchautorin Donna und ihre beste ...

Strictly Sexual - Tylko Seks (2008) - Lektor PL

Strictly Sexual - Tylko Seks (2008) - Lektor PL W rolach g?ównych: Johann Urb, Stevie Long, Amber Benson, Kristen Kerr. Scenariusz: Stevie Long Re?yseria: ...

Strictly Sexual Tylko Seks (2008) Lektor PL

Strictly Sexual Tylko Seks (2008) Lektor PL
W rolach g?ównych: Johann Urb, Stevie Long, Amber Benson, Kristen Kerr. Scenariusz: Stevie Long Re?yseria: . W rolach g?ównych: Johann Urb, Stevie Long, ...

Strictly Sexual (2008) reviews

I begin my comment from saying that love the story itself. I loved the film. The story is so true image of what many of us sometimes feel but fail to live. It both, touches and entertains. The characters are believable and the director, actors and crew did a great job. Although a simple story, none of it is so simple in the end as the relationships between the characters develop smoothly. What i liked about this movie, was the childishly brutal honesty between the characters, the way they relate their emotions and thoughts to each other. "What a great city. People here don't date. They just move in." :))))I watched it as a story, without prejudice and expectations, and I found myself laughing and feeling for those "types" sincerely. This is a gift. This is where you appreciate the art - it's where you find yourself truly believing the story. Would I watch it again? Hell why not!:)))

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Stanny: You know real life, it ain't like the movies. Life is just a bunch of stories you go through and they all end sooner or later. But it's ok. I'm gonna go find my next story. I hope you do the same
Joe: Sex isn't about talking dirty or some silly new position, it's about trust.
Donna: Just don't ask me to say it to you, Stanny, 'cause I can't.
Donna: Ok. You caught me. I mean, men are not the only ones who like to whack off like zoo monkeys. Why isn't it okay for girls to just like fucking? If you could have sex, once a week, no attachments, no expectations, just straight up fucking, would you?
Joe: I like fucking. I like it a lot. Who doesn't? But people make such a big deal out of it. There's so much emphasis put on appearance. I don't know why. I've had sex with fat girls, with skinny girls. It's really all the same.

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