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The Anniversary Party

category: Moviesdirector:Alan Cumming:Jennifer Jason Leighruntime:115 minyear: 2001
genres: Comedy Drama Romance
Celebrity couple Joe and Sally Therrian are going through yet another rough stage in their six-year marriage: while Joe's novels have been climbing higher and higher on the best-seller lists, Sally's film career has been steadily sinking into oblivion. Joe's been given the rights to cast and direct the screenplay of his latest book, but rather than resurrect Sally's career by casting her in the lead role, he's given it to Sally's rival, Skye Davidson. Even worse, he's invited Skye to their anniversary bash. Will the marriage, or anything else for that matter, survive the party?
Love is complex and relationships deteriorate.

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Still of Phoebe Cates, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Alan Cumming and Jane Adams in The Anniversary Party (2001) The Anniversary Party (2001) Still of Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alan Cumming in The Anniversary Party (2001) The Anniversary Party (2001) Still of Gwyneth Paltrow in The Anniversary Party (2001) Still of Gwyneth Paltrow in The Anniversary Party (2001) Still of Jennifer Jason Leigh and Alan Cumming in The Anniversary Party (2001)

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Anniversary Party, The

Anniversary Party, The
Celebrating their reconciliation and six years of marriage, American actress Sally Nash and British novelist Joe Therrian invite their friends, colleagues and ...

Alan Cumming : The Anniversary Party

Alan Cumming : The Anniversary Party
Robert Morgan's interview with Alan Cumming for his debut directorial role in The Anniversary Party. Filmed at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2002 for Edinburgh ...

Seven Stars Crew - 8th Anniversary Party Trailer

Seven Stars Crew - 8th Anniversary Party Trailer
SEVEN STARS CREW - 8TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY (2007-2015) Th?i gian: 13h00 Ngày 9/8/2015 ??a ?i?m: TR?M H??NG L? QUÁN - S? 6 ???ng Bãi ...

Marva & Purdy Hopkins Anniversary Party Trailer

Marva & Purdy Hopkins Anniversary Party Trailer
These precious moments of the anniversary party of Marva and Purdy Hopkins were beautifully captured to be preserved for the time to come Filmed by ...

"Staying Alive" 30 Yr. Anniversary Party Trailer

"Staying Alive" 30 Yr. Anniversary Party Trailer
Leslie Goshko hosts the 30 Year Anniversary Party of the movie, "Staying Alive." Featuring: The StalloneTones (Leslie Goshko, Andy Christie, Bill Chambers, ...

The Anniversary Party reviews

"The Anniversary Party" provides you with the perfect opportunity to watch the kind of party you'd want to be invited to, but not necessarily attend.This was a great film with numerous funny, dramatic, awkward, and stressful moments. It embraced many universal points of conflict in relationships--be it with a spouse, a neighbor, a boss, a co-worker--and allowed you, as a viewer, to watch all of the varying (and often hilarious) perspectives. And then it showed you all of those same perspectives on ecstasy.The film maintains a large cast of talented people and uses them well. I found myself doubled over in laughter for at least half of the movie--Alan "Uppin" Cumming, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jane Adams, Parker Posey, John Benjamin Hickey, John C. Reilly, Michael Panes, and the entire Cates-Kline family gave a lot of comedy to their characters, complimenting the difficult and trying moments that were weaved throughout the film. It was shocking to see the number of negative reviews in this index. I think if you are between the ages of 25-49, it would be hard not to relate to the social satire that is portrayed brilliantly in this film. It is thoroughly enjoyable.****

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Cal Gold: [pointing to his nostrils] These are not the windows to the soul,
Mac Forsyth: You don't have any clothes on.
Mac Forsyth: Have you got a DP yet?
Cal: I've got gravitas out the wazoo.
[On the downside of starting a family]

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