image movie: Le mini Noël des Borrowers

Le mini Noël des Borrowers

category: Moviesdirector:Tom Harperruntime:90 minyear: 2011
genres: Comedy Family Fantasy
Pod and Homily Clock and their sixteen year old daughter Arietty are 'Borrowers', four inch high people who live under the floor boards in Granny Driver's house and borrow what they need without her knowledge. She is determined to catch them. When Arietty defies her father and strays into the house alone young James hides her and they become friends but Granny contacts Professor Mildeye, who is obsessed with the existence of 'Homo Sapiens Redactus', whom he wants to exhibit to the world and he captures Pod and Homily. Fortunately Arietty and resourceful fellow Borrower Spiller join forces with James to effect a rescue before the professor can dissect his tiny captives.
The Borrowers are four-inch high "little people" who live under the floorboards.

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Le mini Noël des Borrowers (2011)

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The Borrowers - Trailer

The Borrowers - Trailer
They're charming and small and live behind the wall. They're The Borrowers, tiny beings whose big family adventure is a treat for people of all sizes!

Pod's Adventure - The Borrowers - BBC One

Pod's Adventure - The Borrowers - BBC One
More about this programme: Pod parachutes into trouble whilst on a mission to "borrow" a strawberry cream.

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The Borrowers FULL LENGTH COLOR MOVIE watch online

The Borrowers FULL LENGTH COLOR MOVIE watch online free movies, TV series show episodes and Webisodes to watch free online. The Borrowers FULL LENGTH COLOR MOVIE watch ...


Official Trailer for THE BURROWERS, a western / horror / monster movie coming to dvd April 21st.

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I watched this on Boxing day in the UK on BBC catchup and was pleasantly surprised.I wasn't expecting much after watching some of the other made for TV productions around Xmas although this did have Stephen Fry and Christopher Eccleston in it who I do enjoy watching. Eccleston takes a back seat in a lot of the film as the over protective father " Pod Clock" and the focus is on Aisling Loftus who plays the daughter " Arrietty Clock " who has lived a rather restricted life inside the family home.The Borrowers share their home ( in the floorboards ) with Mrs Driver ( Victoria Wood ) who's daughter has recently died. Her Grandson ( James ) and son in law ( Robert ) are now living with her because the son in law is struggling for work.The story really starts when Arrietty decides to venture out at night on her own and forms a friendship with the young Grandson James just before Christmas. Unfortunately for the Clock family of borrowers Mrs Driver is suspicious of what is going on in the house and decides to investigate further.Visually the film was excellent and they chose to use actual large size props rather than CGI to recreate the large world surrounding the Borrowers. This made the whole thing seem very real and I am sure kids will enjoy that fact ( as well as adults ). Overall the film was very well acted but the spotlight was clearly on Aisling Loftus playing Arrietty as the innocent young woman exploring a whole new world she has never seen before and coming from rather a spoilt background. She has appeared in a few British Drama's before but for me this was my favourite role I have seen her in.If you did miss this Film on Boxing day then please check it out on BBCi player and for those outside of the UK I hope it appears on Syfy or a similar channel available to you soon.

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