image movie: Du xia 1999

Du xia 1999

category: Moviesdirector:Jing Wongruntime:year: 1998
genres: Comedy

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Du xia 1999 (1998) Du xia 1999 (1998) Du xia 1999 (1998) Du xia 1999 (1998)

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Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk - "Con Man" trailer

Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk - "Con Man" trailer
Watch it online: Castle Brasil Online Site: Twitter: Facebook: ...

Con Man Teaser Debut (With Alan Tudyk)

Con Man Teaser Debut (With Alan Tudyk)

Con Man Trailer Reaction

Con Man Trailer Reaction
Derek and Mike react to the Con Man trailer.

Con Man Indiegogo Campaign SD (With Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk)

Con Man Indiegogo Campaign SD (With Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk)
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420 The Conman Trailer  | Trailer 2015 Bollywood Movies | Snehan | Meghna Raj | Hindi Movies 2015

420 The Conman Trailer | Trailer 2015 Bollywood Movies | Snehan | Meghna Raj | Hindi Movies 2015
Watch this Bollywood Hindi Action Movie Trailer "420 The Conman" (dubbed from Tamil Superhit film "Uyarthiru The Conman") starring Snehan, Chandrashekar, ...

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In "The Con Man," Andy Lau's usually impassive personality is just right for playing the role of King, a sharper who falls on hard times after his attempt to cheat a gangster at cards goes awry. When he gets out of prison after five years, his hair is a little whiter, his wife and child gone and his future dim. Whether the movie deals with King's associate, "Skinny Dragon" and his problem with a crooked cop nicknamed "Eastwood," or his associate's beautiful sister's (Athena Chu) problem with her boyfriend, the movie always stays interesting. The end, involving fixing the transmission of the World Cup soccer championship to a gambler's boat, has to be seen to be believed. While there is plenty of comedy on this movie, there is also some violence, especially at the start. This movie was popular enough that a sequel, "The Con Man in Las Vegas," is being filmed now. Charles Heung, the producer, has enough pull to be allowed to film for the first time in Caesars's Palace, according to a news report. Hmmm, maybe the other news reports linking Heung and his brother to the HK Triads are accurate."The Con Man" is a great starring vehicle for Andy Lau.

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