image movie: The Great Train Robbery

The Great Train Robbery

category: Moviesdirector:Michael Crichtonruntime:110 minyear: 1979
genres: Adventure Crime Drama Thriller
Sutherland and Connery wish to rob a moving train's safe in Victorian England. They need wax impressions of keys, coffins, dead cats, and a great deal of planning in order to pull it off.
In Victorian England, a master criminal makes elaborate plans to steal a shipment of gold from a moving train.

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Still of Lesley-Anne Down in The Great Train Robbery (1979) Still of Donald Sutherland in The Great Train Robbery (1979) Still of Sean Connery in The Great Train Robbery (1979) Still of Sean Connery in The Great Train Robbery (1979) Still of Sean Connery and Lesley-Anne Down in The Great Train Robbery (1979)

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The First Great Train Robbery (1978) - Official movie trailer

The First Great Train Robbery (1978) - Official movie trailer
(c) 1978 MGM/UA. Starring Sean Connery, Donald Sutherland, Lesley Anne Down. Screenplay & Directed by Michael Crichton. Music by Jerry Goldsmith.

The Great Train Robbery Official Trailer #1 - Donald Sutherland Movie (1979) HD

The Great Train Robbery Official Trailer #1 - Donald Sutherland Movie (1979) HD
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On the 8th of august 1963: Britain wakes up to the news of the biggest robbery this country had ever seen. A train had been hijacked and robbed, 35 miles fro its ...

The Great Train Robbery trailer

The Great Train Robbery trailer
One audacious heist, two feature-length films. Writer Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch) examines London's 1963 Great Train Robbery from two different perspectives ...

The Great Train Robbery reviews

With Mission Impossible like precision, Sean Connery, Lesley Anne Down, and Donald Sutherland pull off The First Great Train Robbery, years before Jesse James did it in the American West. Of course holding up a train with a dozen masked bandit confederates doesn't equal the near precision complexity that it took to steal gold bullion off a train by three men in stealth. Connery is the mastermind of the scheme and he plays Edward Pierce with the usual charm we've come to associate with Connery. It was interesting how Connery gets the idea for the heist in your typical Englishman's club with at least one of the responsible parties for the gold in that very room. The other club members know him as a retired industrialist who seems rather well fixed and comfortable. If they only knew the real source of his comfort.Lesley Anne Down may have given her career performance here as Connery's girl friend. Their scenes fairly crackle with witty repartee and sexual innuendo. Down is certainly not above using her sex to help in the robbery. In fact the first part of the plan which took about a year in preparation was to get duplicates of four keys that unlock the safe on the train where the bullion is transported. She compromises one of the key custodians in a Victorian bordello which is the film's humor highlight.Donald Sutherland is the safecracker friend of Connery's enlisted for the caper. He gets the dirtiest details of the caper. In fact the authorities get wind of some kind of plan in the works and Connery has to make some last minute adjustments to his plan. The adjustments call for Sutherland to get into the car in a coffin with a dead cat for odorous effect. What some won't do for money. Sutherland handles the whole thing quite well.Connery has the dangerous part of the caper which calls for him to go from front to back on a moving train. Those sequences according to the Films of Sean Connery were shot in Ireland which better represented the look of rural 1855 England. I was stunned to learn that Connery himself did the stunts. Sean admitted himself that it was the most dangerous business he ever undertook for any film. What some will do for the sake of art.The First Great Train Robbery is a stylish caper film set in Victorian Great Britain and the film really captures the look and manner of the period. One of Sean Connery's best films, definitely worth a look.

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Edward Pierce: [after he learns that Trent ignored the sexual advances of Miriam] No respectable gentleman is THAT respectable.
Judge: [Judgementally] Now, on the matter of motive, we ask you: Why did you conceive, plan and execute this dastardly and scandalous crime?
Edward Pierce: [to "Clean Willy"] If you've turned nose on me, I'll see you in lavender.
Fowler: [Admiring Miriam] That's what I call a proper woman - which that is to say - not proper at all.
[first lines]

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