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The Good Student

category: Moviesdirector:David Ostryruntime:90 minyear: 2006
genres: Comedy
Ron Gibb is a widower, solitary and depressed, teaching history at an upstate New York high school. He has a small crush on Ally, a cheerleader, which is noticed by another student and the janitor. After Ally breaks up with her boyfriend, Ron drops her off at home, and a few minutes later she's kidnapped. The police are alternately suspicious of Ron and baffled because there's no ransom demand. Her father, a used car salesman, turns it into a sales event. Ron confronts Ally's dad over his business practices and offers his own reward for her return. Who has her, and why? And will Ron eventually notice a neighbor who's been trying to get his attention?
A unpopular high school teacher turns his life around after a student is kidnapped.

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The Good Student (2006) The Good Student (2006)

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The Good Student

The Good Student
When Ally (Hayden Panettiere), a popular teen and local celebrity goes missing, her small suburban town erupts in panic. Mr. Gibb (Tim Daly), a dorky teacher ...

The Good Student (trailer)

The Good Student (trailer)
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Hayden Panettiere The Good Student 1-2.wmv
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Good Student - Trailer

Good Student - Trailer
Kai McClary, Kaitlyn Van Manen, Kelly Verbrigghe.

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It wasn't awful, but this movie is pretty forgettable. With only a couple of exceptions, the characters came off as two dimensional, their actions made no sense and seemed totally unrealistic. The actors did a passable job with what they had. The dialogue had a few chuckles but largely felt short of witty, and it couldn't seem to commit to comedy and instead comes off as a not so compelling drama with a few comic moments. I will say the end was unexpected to me, but it didn't really make up for the flaws.Of course, Hayden Panettierre is really hot, and if you enjoy looking at her this movie is probably worth seeing just for that.

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Honest Phil Palmer: Next time take a dump on my face!

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