image movie: The Last Horror Film

The Last Horror Film

category: Moviesdirector:David Wintersruntime:87 minyear: 1982
genres: Comedy Horror
Vinny is obsessed with famous actress Jana Bates and is determined to have her star in his movie. He travels to the Cannes Film Festival in France to try and convince her. Unfortunately, he goes about things in a rather unprofessional manner and people invloved with Jana Bates begin to disappear.
A New York taxi driver stalks a beautiful actress attending the Cannes Film Festival, which coincides with a series of violent killings of the lady's friends.

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The Last Horror Film (1982)

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The Tromasterpiece Collection continues with the grossly underrated slasher gem -- The Last Horror Film. The infamous Joe Spinell, best known for his iconic ...

THE LAST HORROR  - Bold Movie 2015 Theatrical Promo

THE LAST HORROR - Bold Movie 2015 Theatrical Promo
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The Last Horror Film (1982) (Trailer)

The Last Horror Film (1982) (Trailer)
Trailer for the 1982 horror comedy The Last Horror Film, starring Caroline Munro and Joe Spinell Distributed by Troma.

The Last Horror Film

The Last Horror Film


Smooth talking serial killer Max Parry has made a fly-on-the-wall documentary about murder. By copying his movie onto a rental tape at his local video shop, ...

The Last Horror Film reviews

I had put off seeing this for a long time because, although an admirer of Joe Spinell and Caroline Munro, I am NOT a fan of gore. When the only video store in my area with a copy told me they would be closing, I finally gave in and rented it, knowing it may very well be my last chance. I was pleasantly surprised to see how little gore there was (and what WAS there was either too brief to really disturb me, or was obviously "movie-within-movie" fake), and by the cleverness of the script. The brilliant performance by Joe Spinell, however, came as no surprise. Playing an obsessed fan and would-be director, Spinell was both pathetic and sympathetic. I found myself feeling sorry for this desperate loser, even as I dreaded what he might do.The Cannes Film Festival setting makes this a must-see for movie buffs, who will enjoy going frame-by-frame through the montages of movie posters and marquees.

The Last Horror Film quotes

Jana Bates: I've seen enough fake blood to know the real thing when I see it.
Vinny Durand: Hi, Ma.
[last lines]

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