image movie: The Million Dollar Hotel

The Million Dollar Hotel

category: Moviesdirector:Wim Wendersruntime:122 minyear: 2000
genres: Drama Mystery Thriller
The movie starts when a billionaire's son dies in a skid row hotel and a federal agent turns the lives of the miscreant residents upside down to find out if it was suicide or murder.
Tragi-comic, romantic whodunnit set in a run down hotel which plays host to mentally ill people too poor to afford medical insurance.

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1 sheet movie poster Giant Fly 40 Quad Movie Poster, 40 x 30 The Million Dollar Hotel (2000) The Million Dollar Hotel (2000) The Million Dollar Hotel (2000) The Million Dollar Hotel (2000)

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Million Dollar Hotel / Official Trailer (1999)

Million Dollar Hotel / Official Trailer (1999)
Subscribe to Exclusive Media for all the latest trailers and movie clips The story revolves around a colourful gang of unique and possibly ...

The Million Dollar Hotel - American trailer

The Million Dollar Hotel - American trailer
The Million Dollar Hotel - American trailer The Million Dollar Hotel follows the supposed murder of Izzy Goldkiss (Tim Roth). FBI Agent Skinner (Mel Gibson) is ...

THE MILLION DOLLAR HOTEL (2000) - Regia Wim Wenders - Trailer Cinematografico

THE MILLION DOLLAR HOTEL (2000) - Regia Wim Wenders - Trailer Cinematografico
Trailer cinematografico del film di Wim Wenders "The Million Dollar Hotel" (2000) Con Mel Gibson - Milla Jovovich - Jeremy Davies - Jimmy Smiths - Peter ...

The Million Dollar Hotel ⢠Opening Scene ⢠Intro [HD]

The Million Dollar Hotel • Opening Scene • Intro [HD]
Thanks for watching. Consider liking and subscribing if you enjoyed the video. • Movie: The Million Dollar Hotel • IMDB: • Soundtrack: U2 ...

The Million Dollar Hotel reviews

Here's a brief guide to help you determine if you should see "The Million Dollar Hotel"If you...a) Enjoy Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay collaborations b) Thirst insatiably for explosions, car chases and sex scenes featuring silicone-enhanced blondes c) Are considering this film only because you're a Mel Gibson fan...THEN DON'T RENT "THE MILLION DOLLAR HOTEL"! YOU WILL LIKELY HATE IT!Otherwise, you might want to give this one a shot. MDH is far, far off the beaten Hollywood path. It's a quiet, understated film that finds beauty and grace in very unlikely places. Bono and Wim Wenders have put together a love story so unconventional that it nearly defies description... it is certainly NOT a "tragi-comic, romantic whodunnit", despite the IMDb plot summary. It's a tale of quiet desperation and pervasive sadness that dares to violate pretty much every unwritten rule in the movie business... further off the wall than "Being John Malkovich" but infinitely more subtle and ultimately smarter.On the surface it's a tale narrated by an idiot (a dead one at that) which signifies very little. Set in a run-down hotel in which mentally-ill derelicts and freaks are squatting, the film primarily follows Tom-Tom (Jeremy Daviess), a deceptively simple fool who is madly in love with a schizophrenic girl (Milla Jovovich)--who is a heartachingly beautiful hybrid of the Virgin Mary and the Whore of Babylon. The plot is fairly intriguing-- Hardass cop Mel Gibson is investigating the mysterious death of a tycoon's prodigal junkie son. The crazies at the hotel devise an elaborate con job to profit from this tragedy... provided they can bluff a snooty art critic and keep the cops distracted.Some humorous moments ensue. But the plot is almost irrelevant here. The film works because of the engaging oddball characters (especially Peter Stormare as an obsessive Beatles fan and Jimmy Smits as a bizarre Native American "artist"), because of the brilliantly surreal, postapocalyptic cinematography, and because the sheer naked unhappiness of the film crawls inside of you and doesn't go away for several days. Bono's script, like the best of his music, is deeply cynical about society, but retains a faith in the salvation of individuals. It is neither a comedy, a drama, or a romance... it really just plays out like a bittersweet existential ballad. The only romantic scene features an idiot and a schizoid whore who never actually have sex... but it's one of the most touching love scenes ever captured on film. If that sounds like your cup of tea, check out "The Million Dollar Hotel". I don't think you'll be disappointed.

The Million Dollar Hotel quotes

Stanley Goldkiss: The truth is the explanation that most people want to buy.
Tom Tom: The heart is a sleeping beauty and love the only kiss it can't resist. Even if its eyes lay open wide, there is a heart that sleeps inside. And it's to there you must be hastening. For all hearts dream, they dream only of awakening.
Tom Tom: You shouldn't smoke, 'cause people die of it and sometimes they even get cancer
Detective Skinner: No matter how strange or despicable you act, I can do one better, because I work for the government!
Dixie: I am the walrus. God is just the middle man.

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