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The Rocketeer

category: Moviesdirector:Joe Johnstonruntime:108 minyear: 1991
genres: Action Adventure Family Sci-Fi
Straight from the pages of a pulp comic from a past era, the Rocketeer recreates 1930's Hollywood, complete with gangsters, Nazi spies, and the growth of the Age of Aviation. Young pilot Cliff Secord stumbles on a top secret rocket-pack and with the help of his mechanic/mentor, Peevy, he attempts to save his girl and stop the Nazis as The Rocketeer.
A young pilot stumbles onto a prototype jetpack that allows him to become a high flying masked hero.

The Rocketeer Images

Still of Billy Campbell in The Rocketeer (1991) Still of Billy Campbell in The Rocketeer (1991) Still of Billy Campbell in The Rocketeer (1991) Still of Alan Arkin and Billy Campbell in The Rocketeer (1991) Still of Paul Sorvino in The Rocketeer (1991) Still of Terry O'Quinn in The Rocketeer (1991) Still of Paul Sorvino, Billy Campbell and Timothy Dalton in The Rocketeer (1991)

The Rocketeer Videos

The Rocketeer (1991) Trailer

The Rocketeer (1991) Trailer
Directed by Joe Johnston Cliff Secord - Bill Campbell Jenny Blake - Jennifer Connelly A. 'Peevy' Peabody - Alan Arkin Neville Sinclair - Timothy Dalton Eddie ...

The Rocketeer Trailer (HD)

The Rocketeer Trailer (HD)
Probably THE most underrated film of all time. If you haven't seen it, watch the trailer and rent it....Now. It's a true Disney classic in the spirit of the Indy films, and ...

The Rocketeer Trailer

The Rocketeer Trailer
Our fan-made take on the possible reboot of The Rocketeer. For more visit:

The Rocketeer - Movie Trailer

The Rocketeer - Movie Trailer Stunt pilot Cliff Secord (Bill Campbell) discovers an incredible jet pack abandoned in a field and masters the power of ...

The Rocketeer Trailer

The Rocketeer Trailer
This is fan-made, but uses original music composed by James Horner for The Rocketeer. It was a project for a television production class. The Rocketeer tells ...

The Rocketeer reviews

I love this film. Absolutely love it. Can't help it. I'm a child of the 40s and this movie is about when I was a kid. The sets are great, the story is 40s, the cars, the cafe with the bizarre little gingerbread giving an impression of a gnome's hangout, the costumes, the hero with his wiffle hair style, the airplanes and even Howard Hughes. What more could you want? No, this isn't The Matrix with a lot of slick computer effects with mind twisting is it or isn't it real. It's clear who the bad guys are-- and they're bad, except when, of course, the mob types are swept away by patriotic feelings and fight the Nazis. It's got it all. A wonderful trip back into the 40s with near superhuman villans, beyond the pale heros and lovable sidekicks.

The Rocketeer quotes

Neville Sinclair: C'mon, Eddie. I'm paying you well. Does it really matter where the money comes from?
[Valentine and his gang have brought Secord and the rocket to Neville Sinclair]
Cliff Secord: What was that line again? Oh my prince...
Peevy: You got a good thing goin' on with that girl, Clifford. And I'm tellin' you right now, if she flies the coop, it's gonna be your fault.
Cliff Secord: Jenny, prepare yourself for a shock: I'm the Rocketeer.

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