image movie: The Solar Film

The Solar Film

category: Moviesdirector:Elaine Bass:Saul Bassruntime:9 minyear: 1980
genres: Short
An informative short film that advocates the use of solar energy.
An informative short film that advocates the use of solar energy.

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Sunshine - 2007 HD (Extended) Movie Trailer

Sunshine - 2007 HD (Extended) Movie Trailer
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MIELENSÃĄPAHOITTAJA Official trailer © Solar Films

MIELENS√ĄPAHOITTAJA Official trailer ¬© Solar Films
5.9. kaikki pahoittavat mielensä. Ohjaus: Dome Karukoski Tuotanto: Solar Films Ensi-ilta: 5.9.2014


SOLAR (R)EVOLUTION premiered worldwide November 2012!! Watch it now: Buy the DVD: ...

KÃĄTILÃĖ Official trailer

K√ĄTIL√Ė Official trailer
Ensi-ilta: 4.9.2015. Ohjaus: Antti J. Jokinen. Tuotanto: Solar Films Inc.

Rafea: Solar Mama Documentary Film Trailer

Rafea: Solar Mama Documentary Film Trailer
Rafea is 30 years old with four children and a husband who is eager to take a third wife. She is a Bedouin woman living in a small Jordanian village close to the ...

The Solar Film reviews

Combining his known animation elements with real images and using of a lovable good humor, Saul and Elaine Bass tells us about the importance of sun in our lives as one of the primal energies to ever exist, and advocates the use of solar energy in houses and places, because it's good, it minimizes the use of all wasting energy sources and it's natural. As evidenced in the closing credits they (along with Robert Redford who is co-producer of this film) wanted to raise awareness on the theme and hope that by 1985 people would adapt or make more use of this system. Not sure if it changed things back then, and it's still a challenge to companies invest in those but we came a long way in changing our habits towards the environment. It was cool, informative and greatly produced. The animated segment was the most fascinating with a timeline going from the sun's power as the basic energy on Earth and jumping to mankind wasting all possible resources, a chaotic evolution presented in fun drawings and small dialogs, just like Bass did in the Oscar winning "Why Man Creates". Real fun stuff and a great idea easily sold. 10/10

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