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The Story of Ruth

category: Moviesdirector:Henry Kosterruntime:132 minyear: 1960
genres: Drama
Inspired by the tale from Hebrew scriptures and the Christian Bible, the Moabitess child Ruth is sold to the temple of Chemosh. Years pass and she serves as a priestess to the idol. While arranging a temple ritual, she encounters a Judean family of artisans: Elimelech, his wife Naomi, their sons Chilion and Mahlon, and daughter-in-law Orpah. Ruth is curious about their God, and begins to meet secretly with Mahlon. After tragedy strikes, Ruth follows Naomi and begins a new life in Bethlehem...
Inspired by the scriptural tale. Moabitess priestess Ruth is drawn both to a Judean man and to his talk of a forgiving God. After tragedy strikes, she begins a new life in Bethlehem.

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Insert The Story of Ruth (1960) The Story of Ruth (1960) The Story of Ruth (1960) The Story of Ruth (1960)

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"The Story of Ruth" Movie Trailer

"The Story of Ruth" Movie Trailer
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The Story of Ruth Trailer ©1960 La Historia de Ruth Spanish LA-CR

The Story of Ruth Trailer ©1960 La Historia de Ruth Spanish LA-CR
The Story of Ruth 1960® Produced and released by 20thCF, Directed by Henry Koster, CinemaScope, music by the german composer Franz Waxman.

The Story of Ruth

The Story of Ruth E o poveste simpl? în Vechiul Testament. Ruth este una din cele dou? femei moabite ...

The Story of Ruth Trailer

The Story of Ruth Trailer
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The Babe Ruth Story (1948) Official Trailer - William Bendix, Claire Trevor Biography Movie HD

The Babe Ruth Story (1948) Official Trailer - William Bendix, Claire Trevor Biography Movie HD
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At the age of 14, I idly turned on the TV in the afternoon and saw this movie just beginning. I felt drawn to see it as I was brought up on Bible stories and knew the story of Ruth pretty well. I was intrigued to see how it would be dramatised.I was fascinated at the movie's expansion of the Book of Ruth's simple account of Ruth's Moabite beginnings, the evil of this pagan civilization which sacrificed its own children to Moloch. This part of the movie is in fact well authenticated by other parts of Scripture.I was impressed by the beauty of the actress playing Ruth, and by her portrayal of the beauty of Ruth's character. I was immediately aware that some license was taken with the beginnings of the relationship between Ruth and Boaz. In the Biblical version he was certainly never hostile to her! However as the love story progressed it had exactly the character of the loving kindness of the kinsman redeemer exemplified in the Biblical Boaz.So much did this quality of deep love based on respect and loving kindness which cares for and wants to look after the beloved impress me that it actually became a standard against all future love stories, both fictional and real, were to be measured by me. For quite a number of years it was almost an unconscious influence, but in my mid 20's when I started seriously considering marriage,it surfaced and became a requirement for me in the man I would marry, and in the love we would have for each other. Somehow this love of Ruth and Boaz seemed much more REAL than almost all the romances I would see in movies or read about.In fact the whole story of Ruth became a pattern for my life, after I returned to faith and sought a life in which God would be my Guide.So much so that I now live in Israel, not far from where Ruth came to live with Naomi . I did find my "Boaz", who had been in some ways so clearly exemplified for me in "The Story of Ruth". I still vividly remember the movie and am grateful that , even though it took some small "liberties" with the Biblical story, it was true to the spirit of the Book of Ruth!

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Ruth: Since you say your God is everywhere... perchance I am stepping on him right now.
[first lines]
Mahlon: Suppose you wish to pray, but you're not near an image of Chemosh.
Ruth: Why do you look at me like that?
Mahlon: [to Elimelech and Chilion as the three are imprisoned by the Moabites] It is my doing. I had no right to bring this down on you.

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