image movie: The Vault of Horror

The Vault of Horror

category: Moviesdirector:Roy Ward Bakerruntime:87 minyear: 1973
genres: Horror
Five men trapped in the basement vault of an office building share visions with each other of their demise. Stories revolve around vampires, bodily dismemberment, east Indian mysticism, an insurance scam, and an artist who kills by painting his victims' deaths.
An anthology of five horror stories shared by five men trapped in the basement of an office building.

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Insert Movie Poster 14 The Vault of Horror (1973) The Vault of Horror (1973) The Vault of Horror (1973) The Vault of Horror (1973)

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Vault of Horror - 1973 - Official Trailer

Vault of Horror - 1973 - Official Trailer
Hello Guest, this is the Official Horrorfilm Trailer of: "Vault of Horror" (1973) Best Regards Horrorfilm Archivist.

Vault of Horror (1973) Official Trailer HD

Vault of Horror (1973) Official Trailer HD
CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: Check out the original trailer for the classic horror anthology film Vault of Horror. Grab Tales From The Crypt / Vault ...

The Vault Of Horror full movie  | 1973| HD 720p

The Vault Of Horror full movie | 1973| HD 720p
Please visit http:\ Locked in a vault, five men swap stories of recurring nightmares in this anthology horror film based on the EC Comics series.

Vault of Horror (1973): Part 1/9

Vault of Horror (1973): Part 1/9
Here's Part 1 of the 9 Part serialization of: The Vault of Horror (1973)

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What more could you ask for? This movie shines with a brilliant line-up of actors playing up the script for all it's worth. Directed by Roy Ward Baker, VoH oozes with direction and style (see his filmography). Fans of classic not-too-low-budget horror will appreciate this film, as will anyone with a lust for british films. And Hammer films.To date, this is the ONLY multiple-story film I can watch more than once. Maybe it's the era bleeding through the screen into my brain, bringing me back to a time when cgi didn't exist and movies held their own magic without having super budgets spewed into them. Maybe it's because Tom Baker, my all-time favourite Doctor, plays a rather scruffy-looking artist with a serious dark side. Maybe it's the memorable soundtrack, oddly orchestral amid the tumult of intrusive moog soundtracks of the period.As mentioned in another review, get the UNCUT version if you can. If there are kiddies about and you want to frighten them without the (very mild) gore found in most films of today, the edited version will do. It is near-impossible to find a commercial copy of this film in the states, but maybe Cinemax will run it again late at night? Please?If you see it on a shelf, get it.

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