image movie: Thorne: Sleepyhead

Thorne: Sleepyhead

category: Moviesdirector:Stephen Hopkinsruntime:180 minyear: 2010
genres: Crime Drama Mystery Thriller
Thorne Sleepyhead: follows DI Tom Thornes investigation into a mysterious serial killer. His first three victims ended up dead. His fourth was not so fortunate. Alison Willetts is unlucky to be alive. She has survived a stroke, deliberately induced by manipulation of pressure points on the head and neck. She can see, hear and feel, she is aware of everything going on around her, but she is unable to move or communicate. In leaving Alison alive, the police believe the killer's made his first mistake.
DI Tom Thorne's only key to a catching a serial killer is a survivor unable to move or communicate.

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Still of Natascha McElhone in Thorne: Sleepyhead (2010) Still of David Morrissey in Thorne: Sleepyhead (2010) Still of David Morrissey in Thorne: Sleepyhead (2010) Still of Aidan Gillen in Thorne: Sleepyhead (2010) Still of David Morrissey in Thorne: Sleepyhead (2010)

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Thorne: Sleepyhead (2010) Clip
Second of two Sky One three episode series based on Mark Billingham's Detective Inspector Tom Thorne.

Lily Loveless in Thorne: Sleepyhead (2010)

Lily Loveless in Thorne: Sleepyhead (2010)
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Rating - 7.5/10Way More than an average Thriller, missed by decimals of being a great one. DEFINITE Watch for Thriller Lovers. Others - You won't be disappointed.Story - Thorne is "the" Detective with "a" Past who while investigating a case of serial killing, struggles to keep from a case in his past . 3 girls have been found dead when the fourth victim Allison Willetts survives a stroke (artificially manipulated through pressure points on head and neck as in the dead victims) and is unlucky to be alive.She is completely paralyzed but can hear, feel and understand whatever goes around her. The police believes that the Killer has made his First mistake by leaving her alive. The Mystery unfolds with time of who this serial killer might be and what happened in Thorne's Past homicidal case. I didn't really have a very positive feel when i decided to watch it(had not heard much about it) but it turned out to be one of the Good ones. I loved the Depiction of Allison Willetts, who has been paralyzed due to the attack. Thorne was a very convincing character and so were the others. All in all Great Acting with a Nice Cast.Highly recommended if you are looking for a thriller !!! Just Watch IT.

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