image movie: True Lies

True Lies

category: Moviesdirector:James Cameronruntime:141 minyear: 1994
genres: Action Comedy Thriller
Harry Tasker leads a double life. At work he is a government agent with a license to do just about anything, while at home he pretends to be a dull computer salesman. He is on the trail of stolen nuclear weapons that are in the hands of fanatic terrorists when something more important comes up. Harry finds his wife is seeing another man because she needs some adventure in her life. Harry decides to give it to her, juggling pursuit of terrorists on one hand and an adventure for his wife on the other while showing he can Tango all at once.
A fearless, globe-trotting, terrorist-battling secret agent has his life turned upside down when he discovers his wife might be having an affair with a used car salesman.

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Still of James Cameron, Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies (1994) Still of James Cameron in True Lies (1994) Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies (1994) 1 sheet movie poster True Lies (1994) True Lies (1994) True Lies (1994)

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True Lies (1994) trailer

True Lies (1994) trailer
The trailer for True Lies (1994).

True Lies - Wahre Lügen (HQ-Trailer-1994)

True Lies - Wahre Lügen (HQ-Trailer-1994)
Harry Tasker (Arnold Schwarzenegger) ist Geheimagent von der ganz knallharten Sorte. Als Tarnung gibt er vor ein sturzlangweiliger Computerspezialist zu ...

True Lies (1994): Final Fight Scene

True Lies (1994): Final Fight Scene
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1994 - TV Trailer for 'True Lies'

1994 - TV Trailer for 'True Lies'
The film was directed by James Cameron and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis. This aired in the summer of 1994.

True Lies - Wahre Lügen (1994) - Trailer German

True Lies - Wahre Lügen (1994) - Trailer German
Wenn jemand ein Doppelleben führt, ist alles für ihn doppelt so gefährlich -- diese Erfahrung muß Top-Spion Harry Tasker (ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER) am ...

True Lies reviews

Biggest problem with most action movies is that they take themselves way too serious. "True Lies" is mainly fun and entertaining and on top of that, the action is top class!Finally a movie of which I can say: "Budget well spend!" The action really jumps off the screen but it never feels overdone or forced, which is thanks to action-director veteran James Cameron. He should stick to directing action movies like this, the Terminator movies and "Aliens". Please no more movies like "Titanic"! (not that it was a VERY bad movie) Stick to were your talent lies.The movie can be described as an American James Bond, meaning that everything is bigger and I'm not just talking about Arnie's chest. Just like the James Bond movies, it doesn't take itself seriously without making itself ridiculous.Many people seem to have problems with the whole "wife side track, story-line" I guess I'm one of the few that doesn't mind it at all and actually find it an extra addition to the story.The movie has everything a good action movie need: A believable action hero, explosions, chases, gun fights, a stereotype villain and a high entertainment value.I wish more action movies like this would be made.10/10

True Lies quotes

Helen Tasker: Have you ever killed anyone?
[Harry is under the influence of a truth serum]
[while launching a Harrier missile, from which Salim Abu Aziz is hanging]
Gib: Same thing happened to me with wife number two, 'member? I have no idea nothing's going on, right? I come home one day and the house is empty, and I mean completely empty. She even took the ice cube trays out of the freezer. What kind of a sick bitch takes the ICE CUBE trays out of the FREEZER?
Harry: [holding Simon at the edge of an aquaduct] Son of a bitch, Did you think you can elude us forever, Carlos, huh?

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