image movie: Un drôle de caïd

Un drôle de caïd

category: Moviesdirector:Jacques Poitrenaudruntime:95 minyear: 1964
genres: Comedy

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Louis de Funès : Un drôle de caïd (1964)

Louis de Funès : Un drôle de caïd (1964)
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un drole de caid

un drole de caid
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Un Drôle de paroissien  Comédie French Film Complet en Francais

Un Drôle de paroissien Comédie French Film Complet en Francais
Georges, fils d'une famille aristocratique et catholique ruinee, croit recevoir un jour une revelation divine: pour subvenir aux besoins des siens, il va piller les ...

"UNE SOURIS CHEZ LES HOMMES" (1964) de Jacques Poitrenaud - Thème de la musique du film.

"UNE SOURIS CHEZ LES HOMMES" (1964) de Jacques Poitrenaud - Thème de la musique du film.
Une souris chez les hommes (ou Un drôle de caïd) est un film français réalisé par Jacques Poitrenaud en 1964. Musique : Guy Béart, Michel Colombier.

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Lulu femme nue - Bande-annonce
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Marcel (De Funes) and Francis (Biraud) are busy people. Marcel owns a café and spend all his nights running from meetings to meetings with members from the high society... at least, that's what he say to his barman! Francis leaves his home, loving wife and adorable daughter, frequently to attend meetings and demonstration with customers. His boss trusts him so much that his agenda is always full... at least, that's what he say to his wife! In fact, Marcel and Francis' incomes come from their night job: thieves! Here at least, they are professional. Troubles arise when, during one robbery, they encounter a young, high-pitched voice, candid girl who takes the decision to become their associate in crime... for the fun! From this point, the movie becomes a series of twists and turns, where characters meet and meet again, where associations are dissociated to be reformed later. This movie is not a Hollywood blockbuster but it is fun to watch. De Funes was not at the peak of his fame at that time and his playing was consequently not too exacerbated (as he did in his later movies). The play of Maurice Biraud is of great quality and several famous guest stars (Maurice Pieplu or Jean Lefevre) contribute to make this movie an entertaining act. A good standard for French cinema lovers, a little pearl for the De Funes lovers (who have only seen his blockbuster movies).

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