image movie: A Boyfriend for My Wife

A Boyfriend for My Wife

category: Moviesdirector:Juan Taratutoruntime:100 minyear: 2008
genres: Comedy
Tenso (Adrián Suar) doesn't know how to deal with his wife, Tana (Valeria Bertuccelli); how to tell her that he wants to separate because the relationship is a completely mess due to her terrible temper. She constantly lives in a bad mood: if she doesn't complain about the weather she does about the government; if she doesn't complain about the neighbors she does about the teenagers... or whatever. Carlos, a friend of Tenso, suggests him to invert the situation... and cause Tana to leave him. Tenso wonders how, and Carlos has a suggestion: to hire the Cuervo Flores (Gabriel Goity), an old irresistible seducer that will try to charm his wife until she falls in love with him, and so, the Tenso finally finds the solution to his problems...
A man finds a very unusual way to get rid of his wife.

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Un Novio Para mi Mujer - Trailer

Un Novio Para mi Mujer - Trailer
Trailer de la película Un Novio Para mi Mujer, dirigida por Juan Taratuto y protagonizada por Adrián Suar y Valeria Bertuccelli. Fecha de estreno en España: ...

Un Novio Para Mi Mujer Pelicula Completa En Español

Un Novio Para Mi Mujer Pelicula Completa En Español
Un Novio Para Mi Mujer Pelicula Completa En Español Un Novio Para Mi Mujer Pelicula Un Novio Para Mi Mujer Completa Un Novio Para Mi Mujer Latino Un ...


El Tenso (Adrián Suar) no sabe cómo decirle a su mujer, la Tana (Valeria Bertuccelli), que se quiere separar, ya que la relación se le hace insostenible debido ...

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Slow-paced by American Standards romantic comedy has its charms. Plot is basic. Man is married. Man no longer feels happy in marriage. Man wants out. Man finds a man to woo his wife away. Thus the English translation, A boyfriend for my wife. Surprisingly low key since the title professes to offer buffoonery but instead gives you a Tootsie style of comedy. Actors play it low-key and very real and one will be forgiven if they forget that they are watching a comedy considering the lead actress is so good at playing a bitch. In fact, without her performance, the movie would not work. We've seen this movie before. It offers no shockers but a sweet ending that is well-handled and a screenplay that is not forced even though you know the beats a makes it a pleasurable diversion. This continues a good tradition of Argentine cinema and its obsession with honesty and reality over extravagant fiction/unreality in terms of tone, direction and staging of scenes.

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